Corruption in the Philippines

Dear brethren,

It is hard to believe, but now, only two days after receiving a written death threat in the mail, today I was verbally threatened by Greggorio de los Reyes, the former preacher and now personal chauffer for Rody Gumpad. Greggorio accosted me while I was at the local post office and was angry about my exposing his corruption. I asked why he didn't sign the leter he mailed on Friday, and he said, "You can't prove I wrote that letter!" Since I had not said what sort of letter it was, he as good as admitted it was him. He did say he had a copy of my notice which was put out on mars-list by Wallace Little (the copy was furnished to him by his current employer, Rody C. Gumpad.

I now have in my possession the police report where myuself and another witness testified that Greggorio delos Reyes shouted to my companion, in Itawes (a local dialect) "As if he doesn't believe that someday I will kill him!" I do not speak Itawes, but the word for "will kill" in both Itawes and Ilokano (which I do understand) is "mapatay". So I knew I had been threatened, and took the witness immediately to the police station.

To my knowledge, Greggorio delos Reyes continues to receive support from brethren in America. I send this again to warn my brethren about the evils of this man. Please brethren, forward this to as many Christians as you can so that well-meaning brethren are not unknowingly participating in his evil deeds.

Yours in Christ,

Glenn Hamilton