Corruption in the Philippines

Dear brethren,

We have only been back here for a month, and yet even in such a short period of time it seems that evil abounds. I was just informed this morning both by letter and by a brother in Christ that one of the men who has threatened my life before, Rogelio "Roger" Salviejo of La Trinidad, Benguet, has renewed his threat. Just last February when confronted by Connie Adams, Rogelio denied having threatened my life, despite my having witnesses and the handwritten note. Then just recently Rogelio told a sister in Christ from Abra, where I am scheduled to hold a meeting in either April or May, that when I am there in Abra, "We will kill Glenn." The sister told the preacher who invited me to Abra and he sent word to me so that I can decide what to do.

Rogelio Salviejo claims to be a preacher and is supported by US brethren. He has been angry with me since I told one of the churches that supports him (when they requested information about Rogelio), that he is in his fourth marriage, and that legally and scripturally he is still married to the first one since she is still living. His current wife is also in her second marriage although her first husband is alive and she is not scripturally divorced (since the Philippines does not have divorce). Amazingly, the church that requested the information and an American preacher who often travels here to the Philippines continue to support Rogelio saying that he has repented of those sins, despite the fact that he continues to live in adultery. What makes this really strange is that Rogelio has traveled many places in the Philippines and told them that I teach error on MDR! I guess in his mind my "error" is in condemning his adultery.

I assume his renewed threat and my reporting of it via this e-mail will probably again result in more threats. As a safety precaution here at our home, I have decided to make the fence I mentioned in my report last week a priority. We don't actually have enough to complete the fence, but we will try to get enough up to make it a little more secure and then purchase some
dogs (preferably German Shepherd) to guard the yard. Although this will by no means make us completely secure, it will ease our minds somewhat.

Please continue to pray for us in these trying times.

Your servant in the Lord,

Glenn Hamilton