Corruption in the Philippines

Dear brethren,

I write to you today on behalf of a Christian family here in my community.
The Elias Pagulayan family has 9 members including the parents and seven
children. Their youngest daughter (4 years old was born with a defect
wherein her digestive system was not connected to her anus. I don't know
all the details of that, but the doctors had to wait until she was a few
years old before operating. The operation is actually a series of four
operations. For the first operation Elias sold off some of his property to
cover the expense. For the second operation a crooked preacher here (Rody
Gumpad) said he would give the money for that and the future operations. He
apparently raised the money and gave enough for the second operation which
was finished successfully. Before the third operation, the crooked preacher
insisted that Elias sign over the rest of his property to him before getting
the money.
Instead, Elias sold the rest of his property (rice fields which
supplied part of the family income) except his house to pay for that
operation. Now it is time for the final operation and the doctors have told
him to prepare $850 to cover the expense. Elias is without anything more to
sell except his house, and then where would they live? He is even trying to
sell his old TV which probably won't bring much. If anyone can help this
needy Christian family, please let me know. A check could be forwarded to
my US address (Rt 1, Box 251, Hamilton, MO 64644) and I could have the funds
here and available within the week (with an electronic transfer. Even if you
are unable to help financially, please remember the family and especially
their four-year old daughter in your prayers.

Yours in Christ,

Glenn Hamilton