Corruption in the Philippines

Dear brethren,

I want to thank the many of you who have responded to my request for help for the Pagulayan family. There has been more than enough offers of help to see to it that the child will be operated on safely. I have written separately to those who notified me they were sending help to let them know that there was extra and to find out whether to return the extra or use it for other benevolent needs. Again our great thanks to all who helped or were willing to help.

Any who would like to receive regular updates on the child can write to me and I'll add them to that mailing list. I'll keep everyone else informed in my regular reports.

I would like everyone to know that the crooked preacher, Rody Gumpad, has been very active the last couple of days trying to intimidate Elias and his family. Someone forwarded to Rody a copy of my request to help the family and Rody took a large group to find Elias. At first they couldn't find him because he was at work, so they questioned Elias' elementary school child and tried to get her to say something to contradict what her father had told me (without success I might add). Later in the evening Rody and his group finally found Elias at home. Rody secretly recorded the conversation hoping he would find something to use to condemn me or Elias as a liar. Rody also told Elias that there was no hope that anyone in the US would help his family(a claim without any merit), since Rody said he could write to America and stop any help for the child. Rody did write a rather long and nasty letter yesterday and sent it to many of his American friends (and copying it to me). In that letter Rody tried to deceive people about what happened, so I asked Elias for more details and will clarif those details herein.

First, the properties I referred to are all in the name of Elias' father, but several years ago the father had told each of his children which pieces of land would be their inheritance and allowed them to go ahead and build their homes and live there. So when the daughter was born and needed an immediate operation (at 5 days old) to give a place for waste to come out temporarily until a future series of operations when she was older (now), Elias asked his father to sell his piece of the rice fields and he used that
money and some other donated by his family to pay for the operation. Rody (in his letter) is claiming I lied since Elias did not own the land that was sold. It only shows how a crooked man can try to twist the truth. Rody says the same about the "deed of donation" they tried to pressure Elias to sign, but Elias says the deed said it would become effective when Elias inherited the property. I was mistaken (still working on my translation skills) about there being more land sold for the third operation. All the
fields were sold for the first operation. FOr the third operation, ELias took out a loan. Rody also claimed the TV was already sold (which would be great), but in reality another preacher took the TV to try to sell on behalf of the family and gave them part of the money as an advance on the future sale.

It amazes me that Rody would stoop to such low tactics to try to prevent a child from being helped. But I guess it shows clearly the kind of heart he has and maybe it will open the eyes of his American friends. If anyone receives a copy of his lengthy letter and would like an explanation about any of his other accusations (he made-up so many preposterous stories I don't feel it worthwhile to waste time responding unless there is a need), just let me know.

Again, my brethren, many thanks for your help. The joy in Elias' eyes was heartwarming as he was relieved knowing that Rody's threats were worthless and will not prevent good brethren from helping his daughter. God bless.

Yours in His service,
Glenn Hamilton