Corruption in the Philippines

Dear Wayne,

My brother, Jeff, forwarded me your message inquiring about Jun Macusi. I am always puzzled by how to respond to inquiries about Jun. Back in 1990 there was a big scandal involving Jun the repercussions of which lasted almost five years. The scandal involved an appeal for benevolence for a non-existent tornado. The letter asking for benevolence was purportedly signed by Macusi but he denied it, even though the return address was Macusi's address. That event sparked a separate controversy as Macusi and a large number of his fellow preachers tried to excommunicate the preacher who blew the whistle.

A couple of years ago one of Macusi's daughters died. One preacher wrote to me about Macusi and then he copied his letter to Macusi to me. I post that letter below. You can contact Norman at

I guess the main concern currently with Jun is his position (if any) on the use of the collection. It seems he gets support from churches on both sides of the issue. When I was in Baguio City, the elder at the institutional church of Christ said Jun had asked to become their preacher, but they turned him down since they saw him as non-institutional even though all of his daughters atended the institutional church.

That is about all I can think of at the moment. Please feel free to write if you have more questions or concerns you think I can help with.

Yours in Him,
Glenn Hamilton

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December 17, 1998

Mr. Jun Macusi
Parado, Dingras
2913 Ilocos Norte

Dear Brother Macusi:

We are have received your letter regarding your daughter’s illness and surgery with the resulting medical expenses and indebtedness. We are a very small congregation and already support two preachers in the Philippines, but for some time our budget has been such that we can only make a commitment to them for a limited time. I also received an appeal for medical assistance from another Filipino brother at about the same time as yours.

At any rate, I presented your need to the congregation so that any individuals who wanted to and were able might join with me in sending some assistance to you. Therefore different ones have given and the result is that I am sending you $600 in cashier’s check. We will be looking forward to a report from you as to the response you’ve received from your appeals and what remains of your indebtedness. We will also want to hear how things are going with Wilma.

Brother Macusi, in my inquiry of American brethren (Jim McDonald, Wally Little and Glenn Hamilton in Baguio) concerning you and this medical expense, they agreed that the need was real, but they did not know to what extent it had been taken care of. However, they all indicated doubt as to your scriptural soundness as reflected in your being supported by institutional churches and that your three daughters in Baguio all attend a liberal congregation. I’d be happy to have you address this matter when you send us the report of funds and Wilma’s condition.



Norman E. Fultz

E-mail copies to Wallace H. Little and Glenn Hamilton
Paper copy to Jim McDonald and to file