Corruption in the Philippines

ADDENDUM to my letter of November 6, 1996

After my letter was sent out several mistakes were pointed out to me by Rody and others who read it. The typographical mistakes have been corrected in the version of this letter posted on this website. The mistakes of facts will be handled herein.

Rody expressed concern that I called his son's cancer "leukemia" when Rody's doctor had told him it was a sarcoma of the muscle. My understanding is that a sarcoma of the muscle is a type of leukemia (at least according to the medical book I have here at my house). I was using a term Americans would understand better and I was not trying to misrepresent the nature of the illness of Rody's son.

Rody also corrected me about the two people who live in his pig sty. When Rody told me there were two people living in the pig sty, I assumed they were the two young men I had met before since I saw one of those young men while talking with Rody at his house in November 1996. After my letter was sent out, Rody corrected me and explained that there is one man, Edwin, his wife's brother, and one woman living in his pig sty. The man and woman are not married and the man has a wife (not the woman he lives with in adultery in the pig sty). So the statements about two men in my letter should read instead "the adulterous couple" or "the young man and his mistress" or similar expressions. I am sorry for the mistake and am thankful for Rody's supplying the correct information. I also was mistaken about Edwin being in school. Apparently his only job was being Rody's household servant and tenant farmer.

Rody said he was not "in the middle of construction of his house" when Jerry Bassett was in the Philippines. Rody misunderstood the idiom "in the middle of construction" and I apologize for the confusion. Rody was arranging the financing and making preparations to begin building his new house when Bassett was in the Philippines. Rody has not denied that he told me the only reasons he did not go to attend were because of time and distance.

Rody has denied several statements in my letter that were not made nor attributed to him. My letter reflected discussions with Rody, several preachers, and several people in the community who have known Rody for several years (including Pentecostal preachers who have known Rody for more than twenty years). My letter clearly states where the information came from. I am sorry if Rody thought I was saying he had said those things or even that I agreed with all those statements. I merely said what I had heard and saw and gave the sources for the information..

To my knowledge these are the only mistakes as of the date the letter was written Rody or others have pointed out to me. I apologized to Rody for the mistakes. Since the time the letter was written several things have changed. Those are not addressed in this addendum, but can be gleaned by reading the other materials on this website.

In His service,
Glenn Hamilton
Enrile, Cagayan