Corruption in the Philippines
Dear Roger,

Thank you for your letter of admissions. I sincerely hope you will both repent and change. You may be thinking "What admissions?" and your American friends may also be wondering what you admitted to, so let's review the relevant portions of your letter.

1)"you are not a subject of killing cause there is no price for your head,"

But even as you say those words, you condemn yourself. You claim to have nothing to do with the threat, but you also claim to know the contents. The threat was not distributed to anyone so your knowledge is an admission.

2)"Do not read the book of Proverbs, the Author is poligamous you may stamble, Do not read the book of Psalms David is also an adulter; Do not read the book of Peter, he denied Christ three times, Do not read the book of Paul, He is a killer, do not read the life of Abraham,He has a four wives, do not read the history of Jacob, he has four wives."

I paused when I read this and asked myself, what do you mean? Then I realized that you are seeking to justify your polygamy, adultery, and threats against my life by using Biblical examples of sin. So again you admit to those three sins.

The phrase "you may stumble" is a clear indication that you think such behavior is condoned in the Bible and in your own life.

3)"I envited you two times in Pangasinan for preaching but the hearer not understand your preaching,"

Herein you admit to your own lack of ability as a preacher since you were the translator for the lessons which I taught at your congregation. I still have the pictures showing you translating so there is no doubt who was at fault if your members could not understand what you were saying.

4) "I am a siner in the past, But I have repented it already for seventen years"

Here I really do wish to thank you heartily for finally admitting to the fact that seventeen years ago you abandoned your wife and children to have adulterous affairs with several women. Your repentance is to be questioned however, since you married again even though your first wife was and presumably still is alive. I say she is presumably still alive, because you were asked about 5 years ago to produce a certified death certificate, which you have never done.

Of course, even if your first wife were dead, that would not excuse you from marrying a woman whose husband is still alive and well in Baguio City.

As you also admitted, both divorce and polygamy are illegal in the Philippines, so you have thereby admitted to committing illegal acts.

5) Finally, you admitted for all to read what sort of character you have. Anyone reading your words will be left with no doubt as to the fruit produced by your soul.

I look forward to hearing from you again, but more importantly I look forward to hearing that you have produced works worthy of repentance.

A servant of Christ,