Corruption in the Philippines

From: "Glenn E. Hamilton"
Subject: Fleeing
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 16:58:22 +0800

My brethren in Christ,

This will be a quick note rather than my usual report. A couple of hours ago an attempt was made on my life here in my office. I am still shaking with both fear and adrenaline. The two who attempted to end my life have fled. Now it is my turn to flee. I am no longer safe here and neither are my wife and children. As I type we are putting together our belongings and will shortly board transportation for Manila. From there we will find someplace safe to stay until we can flee the country. I don't have enough money to get out of the country, airline tickets without reservation may cost alot, but it will be one-way. If anyone can help us to get out of here, please send it quickly through my parents. (Rt 1 Box 251, Hamilton, Mo 64644).

Mom, and Dad, I love you. If you can get together some money or get some tickets we can pick up at Manila's International Airport, please do so fast. I'll keep my cell phone on until I know when we can leave.

Please pray for us for I am more scared now then I have ever been in my life. We won't be able to take much with us, but I will thank the Lord if we get out safely. TO those from whom I have borrowed money, I will repay my debts, but please be patient if you can. My brethren pray that God brings us safely home.

Yours in the Lord,

Glenn Hamilton and family

PS I don't know when I will be in a position to check e-mail again. I will try in Manila.