Corruption in the Philippines

On Wednesday, November 8th, about 4PM (about 3AM central time in the U.S.) near the town of Tuguegarao (Ta'-gig-ger-row) Philippines, Glenn Hamilton was confronted by two men with knives. Glenn has been preaching in the Philippines for about 7 years. Because of his efforts to preach the truth, Glenn has received numerous death treats. On this occasion, Glenn was working in his office in his home when he heard a noise. He turned around to find two men holding knives. Fortunately, the two men fled without hurting Glenn.

This confrontation shook Glenn up so much that he made the decision right there to flee in fear for his family's well being. Glenn's wife Phoebe and his two small children left with only four suitcases of clothes and personal belongings. They will have to start life all over. If you are so inclined to help, please contact Glenn at 816-583-7870. You may write him at 20329 Vista Ave., Hamilton, MO 64644. He is staying with his parent's, Don and Shirley Hamilton. His e-mail address is

In the Lord's service,
Steve A. Hamilton (Glenn's Brother)