Corruption in the Philippines

Dear Sue and Edna,

Thank you for forwarding the misinformation of Ron Halbrook. I would try to correct Ron, but he has long since given up listening. Along with Jim McDonald, Ron was involved in some unscriptural practices in the Philippines. Several years ago, I tried to correct them on that, but they refused to listen. They are also involved in helping find support for men who are crooked, and they refuse to acknowledge the mounds of evidence that prove those men are untrustworthy.

I will send a copy of this letter to my eldest brother, Jeffrey Hamilton, who preaches in Omaha, NE. Jeff has copies of all the documentation about Halbrook, McDonald, and the men they help support in the Philippines.

As far as what Halbrook actually said, he has been deceived by those same crooked men. One of the death threats I received was made to look similar to threats from NPA rebels. However, the attempt was very poorly done. I turned the threat over to Army intelligence, and they immediately stated that it was a fraud since it missed many of the key elements in legitimate NPA threats. They suggested someone was using the NPA as a cover and scapegoat for a possible attack. Military intelligence and NBI (the Philippine equivalent of our FBI) investigated the threat and interviewed the man whose name was forged to the bottom of the letter. They said forged, because the man had left the NPA under an amnesty program quite a long time earlier. All sources reported that the NPA had no interest in me. However the investigators also interviewed two of Halbrook and McDonald's "preacher" friends. The investigators said they believed the two were lying and covering something up, but that there was not enough evidence to get a warrant to search their houses. That, coupled with the verbal threat made by one of those two men in front of a witness, clearly show what has been happening. The police report speaks for itself and the documentation my brother has just adds more.

I am sorry such evil speaking has disturbed you. It has been disturbing me for many years. Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

God bless.

Glenn, Phoebe, and family