Corruption in the Philippines
From: Glenn E. Hamilton
To: Rosalito Nardo
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: Support

Dear brother,

Just because there are many corrupt preachers who receive and seek more support than necessary does not mean you should be one of them. I note that you did not answer my points that you cannot possibly be spending nearly $200 per month on the schooling of children aged 5 and 8, nor does it cost $75 per month for vitamins and milk for said children.

As to your contention that your work is widespread, if it is too spread out for your financial ability then cut back. It is clear in your first letter that there are actually only 3 congregations you work with. Other preachers handle the other works, so you do not need to spend money you don't have by traveling there.

Your point on gospel meetings costing a lot of money is absurd. As you know, I was a long time preacher in the Philippines (I no longer live there. I returned to the US more than 6 years ago). To get to the place of the meeting you can travel by bus, jeepney, and trike. What is the big expense you have in holding meetings?

I appreciate your offer to have me come and travel with you, but as I have pointed out, I no longer live in the Philippines, nor do I have any plans to return. But in the more than seven years I lived there, I did travel with dozens of preachers and I know very well the nature of the work. That is the reason why I know that you are seeking more than you need. I know it is tempting to look at the big support of all the crooked preachers around and want to have a piece of that, but that is not godly. Do your own work for the Lord. There are enough lost souls in your barangay to keep you occupied for years. Reach the lost and harvest the souls nearby before moving on.

Yours in His service,
Glenn Hamilton

[Editor's Note: Further response found here.]