Corruption in the Philippines
Dear Rosalito,

I guess your information just goes to prove that you should not be listening to gossip. I do not recall Larry Galamay, but I will assume he was one of the students when I taught classes in Manila. I believe I only taught such classes on two occasions, or perhaps there were 3 times. I was invited on those occasions to come and teach a specific topic in a specific time limit. Other teachers taught the rest of the time. I did not, and could not have had my face in my computer, since Manila was not my home and I did not have a computer there. I was never in Manila for more than about one week. My home for most of the time I was in the Philippines was in Baguio City. For the last year my work was in Tuguegarao. I never went about with dozens of preachers at the same time. If that was how you understood my letter, than I am sorry you misunderstood. I prefer to work one-on-one with preachers when I am helping them. And over the 7 years I lived and worked in the Philippines, I worked in that manner with dozens of preachers. When I was at my home in Baguio, I worked by myself, as I would expect any preacher to do. There are only a couple of preachers who I invited to come to Baguio and work directly with me, and Larry is certainly not one of them. Do not listen to gossip, brother.

As to my knowledge of your culture, as I said I lived and worked in your country for 7 years. I have been married to a Filipina for nearly 15 years now. I certainly have learned more about your culture than most Americans who simply pass through your country for a few weeks at a time. I understand the hierarchies that have developed in the churches. I understand the "utang" you feel toward those who helped you get started with support. I understand the overwhelming interest you have in the amount of money earned by others. I understand the pressures put upon you by your "barkada". I understand your desire to advance your own cause by destroying those around you, especially those outside your "barkada". To be a preacher of the gospel, you must rise above all those things. Put them aside. Cast them behind you. They are the weights that will keep you from following God. Do your own work for the Lord right where you live. You don't need American support. If your congregation is unable or unwilling to support you, then get a job. That's what Paul did.

As to my own work while living in the Philippines, I have nothing to hide. My supporters knew exactly how much I received at all times. I was not in the Philippines as a local preacher, so to make comparison to your own circumstances is like comparing pineapples and bananas. My main focus for many years was on teaching preachers, and to that end I held seminars in various locations, mostly in Luzon. Later I decided that most established preachers were too set in their ways to make a change to a godly life, so I concentrated on young men who wished to be preachers. It was in that period that I taught a few classes at the home of Wallace Little and Bot Hayuhay in Manila. Sadly, most of those students wanted to preach for all the wrong reasons (money, power, etc.) I did take in a few young men to train personally in my own home, and that was probably the most profitable work. Some among those young men have gone on to preach without asking for any American support. They finished college and got jobs. The final years I spent in the Philippines, I concentrated on the young Christians and ignored most established preachers completely. I realize now that was the reason for the ill-feelings toward me. I was teaching young people to recognize that their preachers were often ungodly men. I taught churches that they had the power and responsibility to fire bad preachers. The young Christians told me awful stories of the conduct of certain men who called themselves preachers (including charges of rape, child abuse, adultery). As a result, I stopped allowing all but a handful of preachers to work with me in teaching those young people. Again I traveled mostly in Luzon, but I held a similar meeting for young people in Mindanao. I also preached in Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia as churches in those places requested my help. I freely admit I received more support than most (but certainly not all) Filipino preachers, but I had expenses in the work that were greater. Again my supporters knew my expenses, as well as my income.

You also accuse Virgilio Villanueva of being corrupt. That may well be, or he may simply be being defamed with yet more gossip. You have offered no proof of his alleged corruption. Is he corrupt, or is he simply in disagreement with you? I believe Villanueva is, or has been a friend and co-worker of Wallace Little. Do you call him corrupt because you dislike with whom he keeps company?

You said before there were corrupt preachers, but you name only one (since I am not in the Philippines and have not been for almost 7 years, naming me is ridiculous, not to mention simply untrue). Corruption comes in many forms. Deceitfully asking for more than is needed is also corrupt. Destroying others to make oneself look better is corrupt. Lying and spreading malicious gossip is corrupt. Need I go on?

If Imperial Beach stopped your support in May, 2005, then why are you still writing as if it was a recent event. You have obviously survived the past 2 years without that support, so it is not urgent that a replacement be found.

In His service,
Glenn Hamilton