Corruption in the Philippines
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Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 09:44:02 -0500
From: Glenn E. Hamilton <>
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Somebody else was asking about Jonathan Sapitula recently . . . Oh, yes, it was David Tant. He had received unsolicited e-mail from him asking for support. I recall that Jonathan was supported at one time by the church Steve (our brother) was with (either WV or OH), so maybe he remembers and can add some details. George Sapitula (I believe Jonathan's father, but can't recall for sure) had a very bad reputation among the brethren in his community. Apparently George used some benevolence to build a nice home and get cable TV (an impressive feat in a remote village on Palawan). Some brethren pointed out his house when I was in that area. I never met George or Jonathan, and I would not condemn the son for the sins of the father. The Stonegate church of Christ (Port Arthur, Tx) lists Jonathan as a preacher they support

I don't know anything about Edgar Samodal.


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