Corruption in the Philippines

Dear brother Mullins,

My brother Jeff forwarded me your request for information on Rody Gumpad.  I have known Rody for 17 years now, in fact he performed the wedding of my wife and I.  My wife has known him even longer, since her father was a close friend of Rody's.

I was a missionary in the Philippines for more than seven years.  Those were the 1990's which is why most of the material on Jeff's website are from that decade.  Sadly, though, there has been no change (at least not for the better) in Rody's behavior.  A few years ago I came across a posting of Rody's financial report.  Jeff has it copied at . At that time Rody was reporting his support at $1475 per month and was asking for an additional $400+.  I did the research, , and found that a college professor at the time earned $325 per month.

To give a few specific examples of median pay from 2009 across the Philippines

  • A registered nurse earns about $200 per month
  • A graphic designer earns about $300 per month
  • A CPA about $400 per month
  • The President of the Philippines makes about $1200 per month
  • A trial court judge makes about $450 per month
  • A police chief makes about $400 per month
  • Doctors make about $400 per month
  • A Governor earns about $550 per month
  • Congressmen and Senators about $800 per month

I will let you decide what you will about what a preacher should be paid.  While living in the same city as Rody near the end of the 1990s, Rody was commonly called "Congressman" by ordinary people because people think he must make as much as that government official due to his 8-bedroomhouse, car, and lifestyle.  In reality, he admits to receiving support in excess of the salary of the President of his country.

You should ask your member who has been supporting Rody, how long has he been supporting him?  Look on Rody's financial statement from Feb 2007.  His name is not there if he was supporting him at that time.  I was contacted by another brother from Texas whose name is not listed though he has been supporting him.  If the brother there has received a financial statement from Rody, did it include all of the people and churches on the Feb 2007 financial?  I know the Henderson Blvd church in Florida continues to support Rody, has Rody disclosed that to the brother?

If you'd like to ask questions, you can e-mail me or call me at ...

Your brother in Christ,

Glenn Hamilton