Corruption in the Philippines

From: Nehemias A. Hayuhay
To: wilbert enostacion
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2003 2:39 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Enostacion's report/ BERT'S COMMENTS

Bert wrote:

TO ALL THE BRETHREN CONCERN: It is of great dispear within myself upon knowing that our reports which was only intended for the faithful American brethren went into the wrong hands of Nehemias Hayuhay.

Nehemias here:

Faithful Americans? Why did you send copies to only few? Why didn't you send copies to BROTHER JIM MCDONALD, CONNIE ADAMS, MIKE WILLIS, LARRY HAFLEY, and STEVE WILLIS AND OTHERS? Aren't they faithful too? Please explain your standard of faithfulness. BTW, thank you for sending me a copy. Thank you for considering me as "a faithful Christian too."

Bert wrote: I deny sending any copy of my reports to this man, in whom I have no fellowship, since I cut my fellowship to both Wallace H. Little and Jim Puterbaugh in early 90s.

Nehemias here: Then, why I received a copy from you? Why not admit that you are not a trustworthy person? Why not admit that you broke your agreement with someone?

Bert wrote: I cut my fellowship to these brethren NOT BECAUSE MONEY as Mr. Hayuhay insisted in the past; but because of errors spoused by them concerning the "One Eternal Covenant" and MDR. Mr. Hayuhay extended his right hand of fellowship to these men, inspite of the issues that were divisive.

Nehemias here: You know better than that Mr. Actor!

Bert wrote: As Jesus said to the believing Jews in His sermon on the Mount, "don't give the precious things to the dogs!" So, why should I give our reports, which Lordy and I considered as very crucial matters?

Nehemias here: What do mean by crucial matters? What are obvious here are your evil motives against the brethren. Your only purpose is to destroy the brethren and not to help them see their mistakes and help them to repent from their sins. If you are fair enough, you will apply Matthew 18:15-18.

Bert wrote: In the past, many Filipino brethren hates me because of my stand on the truth. Regarding exposing of errors and wrong doing of brethren, I see to it that I have evidences or witnesses concerning such anomalies.

Nehemias here: Many brethren hated you because you lied period!

Bert wrote: LIED === I never lie on my reports concerning the reported evacuees in Davao-Bukidnon; Bukidnon-Cotabato; Davao-Cotabato and other that there were evacuees.

Nehemias here: If you never lied then your name should not be BERT ENOSTACION!


I would like to say, that, Ron has blatantly rebuked me on this. It was not intended to be a serious thing in my mind, but it cause the troubles to the minds of these brethren in Davao who were expecting a great amount of benevolent from the hands of brother RON HALBROOK.

Nehemias here: Again, Bert is a self confessed liar. He said that lying is not a serious thing to him that means it is very normal to him to lie! God said LIARS GO TO HELL (Rev. 21:8) but to Bert it is not a serious matter!

Bert wrote: In as much as Gerry Caa said he will no longer accept my reply, I thanked him for that.

Nehemias here: Caa said he would not answer you anymore because you are not answering him properly.

Bert wrote: Before closing, I would like to say my sentimental feelings; I just hope that it was somebody, and not me that made that report on these matters in Gensan and in those worthless (to me!!) evacuees.

Nehemias here: Now you show your color, Bert! Our evacuee’s brethren as you have said... are worthless to you. You have an unchristian heart.

Bert wrote: a matter of fact, before we made the trip, one American brother asking him "why it is that you are taking Bert with you, is there anyone, except him?"

Nehemias here: I am glad at least one American is already awaken!

Bert wrote: Today, I just feel sorry for myself. After "hiding" away from everyone, and it was only this year that I tried to be "out in my closet", though I did not stop working and preaching the Gospel on my area; I distant myself from everyone. Now, that I was back again into the "circulation" as Lordy termed it, here is the issues of attack again on my personality.

Nehemias here: No one is attacking you, Bert. You are the one attacking everybody.

Bert wrote: To you all brethren, this will be my last posting and no more. I do not want to be blame on what had happened in Davao and Gensan; however, due to the fact that I have "stabbed in the back", I just want to say, thank you all for the opportunity given to me. Please pray for my soul...

Nehemias here: Correction please! You are the one stabbing the back of the Davao and GenSAn People. Remember that you already confessed that you made an agreement with somebody to destroy Davao and GenSAn preachers without their knowledge.

As a Christian brother I am persuading you to repent of your sin before it's too late!

May God bless you and keep you.

A concern brother,