Corruption in the Philippines

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[Editor's Note: Hayuhay later explains that DBR means "death, burial, and resurrection."]

From: Nehemias A. Hayuhay []
Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2004 6:30 AM
To: Steven J. Wallace
Subject: Re: Why?

As I observed from our exchanges that you are more concern on MDR rather than DBR. Remember that the power of God for Salvation is the DBR (Gospel).

The gospel teaches me to love my wife and be her husband, in sickness and in health, for reacher and for poor, till death do us part. What God had joined together let not man put asunder.

Can you give me book, chapter and verse that says that I should divorce my faithful wife? If not then your question is not relevant.

Do you teach a faithful couple to DIVORCE and REMARRIED?

Do you teach a faithful couple to be unfaithful to each other so that your agenda on MDR be satisfied?

Do you intend to corrupt the mind of a faithful couple with your agenda on divorce and remarried? Or let them alone in thier faithfulness to each other?

Are you divorce? If not, why are you so concern on divorcement?

Please answer these questions.

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