Corruption in the Philippines

As a member of the Lord's church, I realize that there are men of corrupt minds who prey upon the church. Christians want to think the best of their brethren, so they tend to accept most of the requests made of them as being true. Once they have established a relationship with others, it is even harder to accept that the relationship may be based on a fraud.

In the past, I have run into individuals who have made merchandise of the Lord's people, but on a recent trip to the Philippines, I became aware of a large group of men who have coordinated their efforts to gain funds from Christians. Many preachers and individual Christians expressed their frustration at their inability to warn American brethren of the problem. After seeing the evidence that they had gathered, I offered to establish this web site to document the corruption.

The documentation has been copied in its entirety. I did not want to simply extract quotes, which might lead to charges of misunderstanding due to a lack of context. However, I also realize that most of you will not have time to wade through all that is available, or you might miss the significance of some of the statements. To cover both situations, I am posting each document which can be accessed through the listing page. A second page contains summaries of the problems with links to the proof within the original documents. Notes have been attached to documents to call your attention to significant points. Cross links between documents have been added to make it easier to find referenced information.

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P.S. It has come to my attention that Wallace Little is listing this site on his fund-raising letters. Please be advised that I do not support his method of raising money for relieving needy people in the Philippines. Mr. Little also recently joined a liberal congregation, which may explain why his fundraising methods do not match those found in the Scriptures.