Corruption in the Philippines
From: Jess Julom
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001
Subject: Terrible persecution.
Dear brother Ken,

Since the work in Socsargen area which I started with the help of our american missionaries and some preachers who are converted for more than 3 years now and faithfully working with me to make the work of the Lord grow and grow with the total number of almost 400 preachers now and almost 300 congregations{the other congregation are not yet converted)Satan is not happy about it,I was known so much by different denominations to be careful by their own group and they assembled together not to intertain the church of Christ.any of the preachers,infact one missionary from Canada,by the name of Eric Griffin,he identified as no other group except the group of Christ,made many tracts and distributed to different denominations in the whole Philippines,and my name was being metioned as leading the cult doctrine of the church of Christ in the Philippines,that man knows that Iam penetrating now the works not only in Mindanao as well as in Visayas area.

Right in Socsargen area,there were six denominational groups who are aftering of my life,1,The Alliance group,I came from that group before. 2.The Philcam group where my brothers came.3.The Ecofi,were Villaguardia and Toto Samson came,4.The church of the Living God.were Padilla and Sandoval came,5.The Church of God evangelical,were Saquilan and Marquiso Came and 6, the global Mission were John Janiola and many others came.The number of almost 400 preachers now 80 percent of them came from that group,the 20 percent came from different groups which I did not mentioned. Now the persecutions started when there were already 20-30 preachers converted to the church.From the time that the church is growing rapidly from 1999 until now,I received many death threat, but God's wings is wide to protect me.

The terrible persecution I met just this week,Satan knows that Iam moving to Visayas area and will penetrate this year in Visayas,though I have opened already Visayas almost 3 years now,but I did not concentrate my works,but still the work in Visayas through the help of brother Jim Mcdonald,Ron Halbrook and many other missionaries who visited in Visayas are also growing like Mindanao,but not so much in Mindanao.

Last June 19 when I took the ferry boat from our place in Gensan city going to Iloilo Island where we have our preachers training to the new preachers,A muslim man always looking to me while we were in the boat,but I just ignored it,not knowing that Muslim man is specially hired to kill me.when the boat ducked in the pier,he tried to be closer in myside,but all of us were ready to be down from the boat,he was lost in my side.and Joel met me and rushed directly to the house which he had renting.after 3 days and our preachers training was already finished and I was with other congregation that was Sunday,the telephone rung in the house of the land lord where Joel is staying,an identified man is asking where sister the wife of Joel asked his name but he will not give his name,but my sister told him that I was not in Iloilo anymore but went across to Negros island.but I was still in Iloilo at that time.3 days after that identified man who called in the Telephone,I went to Bacolod with Joel in the island of Negros where we have another meeting with some of the preachers there,Then,after10 days,I went to Escalante,and last other day an information from Joel to my celphone,that the killer went to his house,he tried to look for me the whole island of Negros for 10 days but he did not find it,he already spent all his money and will go back to Gensan,he said he will not stop unless I will be killed,I received a wire from my family that there are also two unidentified men who always roaming around my house in Gensan City.

We are being advice with my wife to find a place where no body knows,because my family is in danger.

As I tried to analized,there were 3 faction who can do that to me.

1.The group of denominations are being upset to me.because their group was already distroyed. We are being advice to find a right place whom they don't know,but our problem is the transportation,we need not less than $500 dollars for our things to fix it out and our transportation,pray that God will supply that certain amount.Sometimes I could not slept Iam always depress of that death threat.

2.A group of some preachers who are jealous,among the 12 disciples of Jesus there was one Judas who betrayed him,satan is using them to distroy the works.

Please I need your prayer,for the following request:

1. Pray for my safety and my family.what is the will of the Lord,we have to find a place while the issue still hot.Jesus looks a place when he was being drive out in Nazareth.

2. Pray for the work in Visayas,I know satan is not happy If I will penetrate in Visayas now.

In Christ sake,

[Editor's note: See Ken Marrs' plead on behalf of Julom on his web site.]
[Editor's note: Two months later Julom is sending out letters, still in the same place with no mention of hired killers.]