Corruption in the Philippines

Jeniry Julom

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Dear brother Steve,

Greetings in Christ name!

Yesterday we have conducted gospel meeting in Lamblong Balasiao davao del sur together with my two Uncles Jerry and Jolly and also my father Johnny. We started our walked from Barangay bonifacio going to Lamblong 6:00 O'clock in the morning and we walked more than 4 kilometers,and the road going there is very hard because the road was damage because of the heavy rain.But inspite of that we're so thankful to God for the successful gospel meeting,there were 6 souls was baptized.And this coming week we have our another schedule of gospel meeting in Bololsalu balasio davao del sur and Please continue to pray for us that God will provide our needs.

We're always praying for you and your family.And please extend my warmest regards to your family.

Thank you very much and May God bless you for your being so generous.

In Christian love,

Jeniry Julom 45767
9500 General Santos city