Corruption in the Philippines

This seems to look like a "Rudy" type letter. I have a very hard time trying to swallow any of his claims. It sounds like he is trying to claim that 500 preachers from the denominational world have been converted since 1996. Seems like a very short time span to me. I would have thought I would have heard about it before now if that many denominations were losing their preachers.

It also seems odd that all Filipino preachers have a gravely ill child, are self supported but could use some extra support, have bills outstanding from helping other preachers, have locals starving in need of rice, and could use more money to help finance their preaching schedule. It seems like a very tired formula for begging money.

[Editor's Note: A month later, I received estentially the same note. Click here to view.]

From: jess julom <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 4:36 AM
Subject: Getting to Know each other

Dear brother ,

Greetings from the Philippine country,Being one body in Christ I salute you in his mighty Name. I got your email from the website of goodfight .com .I had been looking to communicate some christian brethren whom I don't know yet.

I would like to introduce myself.Iam Jessy Julom,my wife is Elda, and we have 5 kids one boy and 4 girls. I was still 4 years old working in the church until now.My background was a former welknown Evangelist of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in the Philippines and some country in Asia.Being a wellknown evangelist from denomination I got a higher influence among different denominations,my honors respected so much as the man of God in the Asia's country,but when the year comes the end of 1996, I was invited as one of the hearer in bible seminar in church of Christ held in our place Gensan City Philippines. My mind became puzzled of the lecturer until I invited the lecturer to set with me in the table and explained to me the whole doctrine of Christ,the true gospel, the true church,the kingdom,the essentiality of baptism,Lord supper and other doctrine of Christ.I consumed almost 4 hours hearing that inspiring doctrine which I never heard from other denominational groups.Following days,I obey the gospel of Christ and decided to baptized and converted to Christ teaching.

My conversion to the Church, makes the great troubles among denominational group,The first time I conductedgospel seminar of two days right in the city there were 34 different groups and preachers of their own group,and after that seminar 17 preachers from different denominations obeyed the gospel and baptized,3 of them were founders of their own groups.The conversion of those preachers makes me easy to enter their own groups and many came to my house and invited me to lectures their congregations,The year 1998 there were landslide of conversion among preachers from Pentecostal groups, the baptist, Alliance,Roman Catholic and different groups, where founders,leaders, superintindent, the bishops of epescopalian and two priest also converted,with in the 3 years of penetrating the gospel in the Philippines.Last other year we lunchout Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunie, The first time that those countries had already a group of Christ not like before,there are some american missionaries likes to visit and likes to see the works there.

Today,Iam fully book of my schedules here in the Philippines,bible lectures,gospel meeting and preachers taining.One of the great problem now we wanted some bibles, hymnals,books of the preachers,they need some materials as they grow in faith.I will be given you some updates of the works in the Philippines the moment you responded this e-mail.Iam working and some preachers to saturate and overwhelming the gospel in the Asia's now,we works self propagating,and self indigenous,no support but there are sometimes a brothers who have mercy to extend some helps so that we can moved more and laboring God's vineyard for the expansion of His Kingdom.I continue to pray that God will open the door of blessings that many will be touch as we used our effort in preaching the gospel of Christ if possible to all nations. Today there are already more than 500 preachers from different denominations in the intire Philippines since i started the works 4 years ago.

I need your urgent prayers in the following request:
1.Please pray for my needs,I have 5 kids,two in college and 3 in high schools,perhaps I could not send them to school this second semester on November this year.
2.Pray for my great problem,since those preachers from different denominations got converted and their support from their former group was cut off because of obeying the gospel,they used to come always in my house,and share each of their problem,if they stayed a days in my house I have to take care of their meals and other transportations,they experience a terrible hardship which they did not experienced from their former group before,Iam facing now a big account in the store,where some sacks of rice and groceries,where I open credit,makes me hard to add my debt unless I could pay it.I need $500 dollars to pay my account in the store.please pray that God will meet this amount.
3.I have so many schedules in gospel meeting,but most of the time,I could not moved because I don't have any funds to supply this great works that Iam considering now,pray that the Lord will open the door of finances so that my schedules will be always materialized.
4.I have my only son,who always attacked by some likes epilipsy,but not exactly,the doctor adviced me to have a brain scan,but I need $150 dollars for that scanning and I don't know how much the cause of the medicine and the hospital bill if he will be admitted.
5.Please I need your prayers in the behalf of the need of the preachers,many are asking medicines rice as their food and many of their needs,pray that God will supply all their needs,but we appreciate if there are brethren who are willing to help the situation of our brethren here in the Philippines. May God bless you always.

In the Kingdom of the King,
Jessy Julom
P.O.Box 45763
Gensan City 9500 Phil.

[Editor's note: Two months before, Julom asked Ken Marrs for $500 to escape to another city because of assassins following him. Notice that he never moved and there is no mention of killers.]