Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's note: Though personally addressed, this is another form letter sent out by a man I have never met. Several weeks later I received another note of introduction. Click here to view.]

Dear brother Jeff,

In the mighty Name of Jesus Iam saluting you as one body in Christ,To God be the Glory.

As months goes by,God's work in the area where Iam penetrating is not limited,time is precious and souls are more precious.thousands are dying everyday and many are marching to their doom the total condemnation forever and ever.What a glorious happiness in every soul that are added in the Kingdom of God.Inspite of many trials,persecution and death threat,but by the mercy of God your laborer in the Lord,still harvesting in the field in leading souls who obeyed the gospel to Christ and now free from the bondage of denominational only inspiration is in 1 Cor.15:58 "My labor is not in vain in the Lord".

This is my Third quarterly updates:


2-3---- I was being scheduled in Dumaguete city to conduct preachers training for two days among the new preachers who are still young in the faith,and still fresh in teaching the gospel of Christ.there were 13 preachers attended excluding visitors from denominational was a successful training and many were edified and of coursed that will help them to teach their congregations who are still in denominational practices.

July 6--I invited 6 preachers to have our overnight prayer fellowship in a certain hotel at Bacolod city, I was being depressed at that time for the death threat,after our prayers I was being relinquished to have a new steadfast that till death I should have serve the Lord for the expansion of His kingdom.

Then on July 9 I was invited to conduct special bible study to the two preachers,one from Prysbeterian leader in Danao Escalante and one pentecostal preacher.I enjoyed so much their reaction in question and answer,they told me to comeback next time,they will have to study my presentation about the difference of another gospel and the pure gospel.

Then July 10-13--- Danny Alquiza a young preacher brought me to the island Of Bohol for my safety from the death threat,then we have an upportunity to conduct bible sharing for 3 days among his relatives who are a faithful member of Jehovah's witness.after that sharing 3 of them obeyed the gospel and 3 were baptized,and one of them offered lot for the church building,many of jehovah's witness were puzzled and begun to doubt of their own belief.

July 15-16--- We proceed to Tagbilaran city and visited all new converted preachers,one day we have our fellowship to the church building of brother Aranas in Tagbilran. there were another 7 new preachers who are almost going back to their former group,and that day we used it to edify them and there were visitors got converted 4 of them were baptized from that place.

July 17-24---Danny my co worker accompanied me in Southern Luzon-I have a plan to stay there even one year only,but my mind was change when I notice that vegetables and the fish is very dear.we only stayed 8 days,in the house of the new preacher Bernard tano.Bernard me and danny were visiting the new converted preachers from the time of brother Jim Mcdonald bible seminar there were several preachers from denominations got converted but got discourage after 3 months of their conversion.Thanks be to God they were being inspired and encouraged again,and have our one day fellowship and I have again another chance to teach them more about the church doctrine and right practices.

July 25-30--- We arrived in the island of Leyte- we directly lodge one of danny's classmate in bible college when he was his group before.we have a great upportunity to have bible study and some other denominational preachers from the Alliance baptist and pentecostal-we have no baptism but I believed the gospel we sowed will continue to penetrate to their mind and their heart,we also visited some old congregations in leyte and there are new who need and invited us to help their works to grow in Leyte.


Danny went home in Escalante Negros, and I proceed to Surigao city,my first priority where we could transfer with my family,I choose this place because it is very center where my schedule this year is mostly around that region. I Look at the house and rent it.and started to visit those preachers who got converted during my first gospel meeting last 1999 and the bible seminar of brother Jim mcdonald were 14 got converted from different denominational preachers.there were more than 50 percent went back their own group,25 percent unstable and 25 percent are faithfully working in the church.but thanks be to God the 3 preachers who assisted me brother Ben Yap,brother Arguilles and brother Escobal were the great help to be my partner in convencing the frustrated preachers who are lack of so much moral support,we lift them up and now bigenning to grow Licayan from Monkayo help me to edify the young in faith that they might be a sound preacher of Christ.

August 10-12--- Brother Licayan congregation assembled for two days they invited many unbeliebers to attend in presentation of the gospel.many were edified and blessed so much of the word of God,and the invited visitors might be added to that congregation in Monkayo.

August 13-14---Brother Licayan and me went to Panubiran which was already scheduled for two days gospel meeting.more than 30 attended that meeting a baptist group.after the meeting 15 obeyed the gospel and we baptized them including the preacher.there was a divission of that baptist group now and the new congregation of the church was existed in Panubiran Mati davao del sur.

August 15-16 --- we proceed to Macambol Mati for our next Capuyan a new converted preacher from the baptist group invited us to conduct gospel meeting in his congregation he is preaching but not yet converted.afternoon the last session we challenge them about baptism,there were 11 souls responded and brother Capuyan baptized them.

August 16-30 Back to Surigao city and continue to back up the work there,every night we have our bible study to the baptist preachers,specially in the issue of premillinialism and the tulip teaching of Calvin.thanks be to God the book of brother Hafley I used as my material to rebattle the tulip issue as the strong doctrine of the baptist preacher.


1-6-- I went home in Gensan city and met many preachers who are smiling because I missed them for 4 months.I learned that there were new preachers who are fallen to premillinialist and some to head covering and other to one cup,there were more than 300 preachers in my region where I live and 10-15 percent were fallen and Iam so sad about this.God willing on the last Friday and saturday of October we are inviting those who are fallen to attend our two days preachers orrientation right in Gensan city.

September12-13 I proceed to my gospel meeting in bolol Salo with brother Samuel Marquizo and brother Maguana who facilliatate the area. The Lord bless the gospel meeting with 59 souls who got converted and mostly native on that area and one rebel commander.while we are preaching during night time,we were sorrounded by more than 30 with arm gun men,but brother Maguana who is their former commander before and now a preacher of Christ has the controlled among them so we were successful.

September 15-16-- Brother Toto Samson invited me in Lagimit Margus Glan, and have our two days gospel meeting,another 13 souls obeyed the gospel on that area and were baptized.

Semptember 18-19 we go down to Balasiaw Davao sur Prov. and there another gospel meeting schedule and there were more than 40 souls were baptized and added to the church still native people.

Then toward the end of the month of September 26,we are invited to Savoy area part of Matan-ao Davao sur.At that night I have the privilige of preaching to the crowed of people of not less than 300 in the plaza.people are shouting as a comes the 666 communist or from false religion.before I was allowed to preach to the crowed of people.the captain or the leader of that barangay announcing to the public that they are no longer to be preached in the name of Christ,because their barangay composed of many religions and bringing the name of Christ and worship the name of Christ,so they don't need to be preached in the name of CHRIST because they are already converted in the name of Christ. As Iam preaching I said,yes,you don't need to be converted in the name of Christ because you are already converted.but Iam here now to convert you in the group of Christ and the doctrine of Christ,because you are converted in group men and not group of christ,secondly, you are converted in the doctrine of men and not in doctrine of Christ, as I sighted many verses in the bible.people were very silent,but satan is not happy of my preaching suddenly,rain fall down,and people easily went away to the plaza,and I was not able to finish my the morning before we left that place, there were numbers of people came to the house where we slept and confessed that the first time they heard a different gospel than they heard it,they invited us to comeback,well, God willing we are interested.

That's all my third quarterly updates,please pray for us,specially my continues schedule this year 2001.that God will continue to used us as the harvester in the field of his pastures.Please pray for my continues safety,my enemy is not happy of my works.Please pray also that we could have a certain amount to buy cebuano bibles and cebuano hymnals hymnals english is not a problem but only few can understand it.we need not less than 200 cebuano bibles now and 600 hymnals to distribute to the new congregations who are so much needful.

May the Lord prosper you both material and spiritual.

Laborer in Christ,
Jessy Julom
P.O.Box 45763
Gensan City 9500 Phil.