Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's note: Jesse continues to send mass mailings as if they are personal notes. To see prior examples, click here. Notice his aims for conversions; with such numbers, why is external support need?]

My dear beloved in Christ,

In the Holy name of Christ we greet and salutes you all. Glad to inform you that the Gospel work is going and growing with spiritual fruits from month to month. It is also to inform you that we are constructing the Churches in three places namely (1)Dalandang Malungon, (2,Lamlifew and 3,Toboso as the result of our gospel meeting in the month of November, but the said construction is stopped due to lack of funds. Infact, these constructions are in the locality where the new members are residing.

Here now in the proper city of Dumaguete we have no Church building, the regular preacher is my son Mike at the same time student in college.Some preachers in other places places where I go around are facing troubles and inconvenience for worship in the rainy season,some roofs are already delapidated,and other places where being affected of continues typhoons, we request you to kindly pray for the completion of the Church buildings. Further we are praying the Lord God that the work will continue to multiply as we preach in different places of the Philippines.Thank you so much for your love and affection though you have not seen us in the name of Jesus Christ and really you are having the love of Jesus Christ. Philippine consists of more than 80 lanuages and tribes of people and most of them are poor.some people are spending their days with hungry since there's no time to harvest,because during the successive typhoons 85 percent of farm products were wipeout by plusfloods.There are poor widows who are helpless condition and facing into lerable troubles even to ill up their stomaches since they cannot work as they are old aged widows and suffering a lot for want food, clothing, medical aid etc. Further please pray for the preachers who are working for the last 4 years without any support in Church of Christ are facing intotlerable troubles along with their families. We request and invite your highness and goodness to please pray that God will open the heart of our brethren to extend helps and support if possible to our in need brothers who are sacrificing to preach without any support.My aim alone is to get 50-100 denominational preachers a year that will be converted to Christ Doctrine.and 500 souls will be baptized and converted to Christ,His church and His doctrine.It is my earnest desire and challenge to you brother in Christ,to be involved by in God's work,I did not ask you to support my family,what Iam asking is to support the work of the much you will commit could not compare the souls that will be usshers in the kingdom of God.In the great commission of Christ,I've found out 3 ideas in order to be involved,1.Go 2.Give and 3,Pray,If we can not go,then we can give,if we can not give because we are also in need then we can Pray,that's the great essentiality of the great commission,In the book of Acts Chapter 4 The early christians are not only giving their times in preaching, teaching and fellowship,but they sold their portion and brought to the apostles feet.if this pattern will be applied to individual christians today,the more the works of the Lord will be glorified.

My brother in Christ,please pray for my works,since my support were already cutoff,I hope that in financial matter,that will not hinder my spiritual job in God's kingdom,Iam commited always,in my gospel meeting everywhere in the Philippines,Preahcers training and preachers orrientation,visit and followup the new convert,and continue to encouraged and edify our brethren who are almost to be fallen from their faith and others have already fallen.What i can offer you in response of your commitmitment and the great commission of Christ is my earnest burden to GO,and Pray only,in correspondence of this challenge you give and you can pray for me,but if if you have nothing to give,your earnest prayer is great appreciated.

Seemingly,sometimes Iam sharing to other some of our brother,but they rejicted me,others are getting jealous of my works and others is persecuting me and others are hating me but still I love them,they're just only a man and could not scape from any short comings,Iam still kind to them and extend my humble prayers to the Lord and forgive them what they have done,my only happiness is to to stand steadfastly,always abounding in the work of the Lord,for I know that my labor is not in vain in the Lord.I cor.15:58

May the Lord bless you brother and your family.Hope to visit us here in the Philippines.I want to meet you personally,but if we can't do that one day in heaven we shall meet and rejoicing forever and ever with the Lord.

Your brother in the Lord,
Jessy Julom