Corruption in the Philippines

From: "Wallace H. Little" <>
To: "Steven F. Deaton" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:40:22 -0600
Subject: Re: Edification or Clergy?
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1430 FWB, FL Time, Sunday, 21 November 1999; Wally Little Here:

Dear bro. Deaton:

Although you sent your original to bro. Dan Peters, you included me on your address list. That's OK, and it gives me license to reply. I will do so "in-line," than append my original answer to Ron Halbrook, Roger Wanasen's critic. Following that, I'll append further information on this subject.

Stay tuned.

You began:---"Mr. Peters, We have the following for you to consider. Is it wrong for brethren to spend their money in the way they desire? Are the material blessings of brethren under their control? Do you have the right (or anyone else) to tell a brother where and how he should spend his money?..."

whl here:---None of your questions touch the hem of the garment of the issue. The real problem is materialism and dishonesty by Rody Gumpad and other Filipino "preachers." See Glenn Hamilton's comments on this concerning bro. Rody Gumpad (appended last).

You continued:---"...Is it wrong for a church to give money to a preacher? Is it wrong for a church to support a preacher to travel? Is it wrong for a church to give a preacher money for food? If you answer yes, then I suggest you get out and get a job and tell others who are supported as preachers to do the same thing..."

whl here:---Again, by your questions, you are showing you do not know what the issue it.

You continued:---"...Do preachers have the right to spend their support in the way they desire? Must all preachers live in apartments or trailer homes here in the US? Should all preachers drive cars that are at least 10 years old? If a preacher uses poor judgment in finances, does that mean he is a sinner?. Who is to judge the preacher in his finances?..."

whl here:---Same comment.

You stated:---"...I can tell you for a fact, and also produce other witnesses, that when Jim McDonald preaches in the Philippines and there are denominational preachers who want to be baptized, they are explicitly told that there is no promise of any money--the only promises that are made are: 1. If you believe and are baptized, you will receive the remission of your sins; 2. If you
remain faithful, you will receive a crown of life. To say anything otherwise is slander and evil surmising..."

whl here:---How I wish it was that easy! You know nothing about Philippine culture, nor the appeal the possibility of US money has on some, and not just denominational preachers. Ask bro. McDonald why, a couple of years ago, he preached a sermon in the Philippines on 1 Cor 9 and the preachers' right to support. Which was heard by many there with a comma after support, to which was added, mentally, "...from the US." I have received letters from Filipino "preachers" demanding I get them support,
and saying if I did not do so, I was not doing my Christian duty. Certainly not all are like that, but in that economic third-world nation, there are many who see preaching as a job. Jim McDonald did not have to promise them support, and I do not doubt he told them ahead of time that there were no promises of it.

However, concerning witness se, consider this:

Filipino "preacher"----"Bro. Americano, can you get me American support?"

American:---"What's your position on MDR?"

Now the Filipino is not stupid. If he wants support, he give the "right" answer. Then,...

American:---"If that is your position, in good conscience, how can you attend brother so-and-so's [one who disagrees with them on MDR] classes?"

Bro. Deaton, both Ron Halbrook were involved in that sort of shenanigan.

Further, I have photocopies of letters from both these Americans to Filipino preachers telling them to stop attending this one's class, on penalty of losing their support. Yet further, I have photocopies of letters from former supporters stopping support for Filipino preachers for attend the classes of this one. Even more, I have photocopies of letters from former supporters telling them they were dropped on the recommendation of bro. Rody Gumpad for associating with that other preacher and me.

In a word, you are defending a man who for the sake of power and influence among Filipinos has himself defended a man there who is dishonest and a liar. See my reposting below of what I earlier wrote, replying to Ron Halbrook's tirade against bro. Roger Wanasen.

In Christ: Wally Little


Now consider what Glenn Hamilton wrote to me.

At 03:09 PM 11/18/99 +0800, he wrote:---"A few points I would add. My brother was at one of Rody's talks in the US and the money Rody was raising there was for some sister in need. He was asking for $1,500. Rody announced to the church here that he used ALL the money raised in the US (approx. $15,000) to purchase his new Revo. So Halbrook's contention
that the money was given to Rody for the purchase of a vehicle is garbage...

Glenn continued:---"...Second, Halbrook's saying the Rody (and Ron and Jim) never use carnal weapons is baloney. Last week Rody visited two congregations in Amulong and one in Roma, Enrile. At each place he induced attendance by offering snacks. At Roma he announced in advance he would bring 30 cold cokes and biscuits and rice cake for those members of the current congregation in Roma who would come to his meeting. Cokes and snacks are certainly carnal (as opposed to spiritual). Rody has also in the past few weeks offered large cash payments to two men if they would leave their current congregations and
start new works. Cash is certainly another carnal weapon..."

Glenn continued:---"...Third, Rody has been attempting through these carnal methods to bring brethren to heel. He has been trying to split almost every congregation where their are preachers who disagree with him. He has announced that Jim P., you, myself, and the eight preachers and others are all going to hell (accusing all of us as blood eaters, pro-divorce, one covenant, and many other lies) but not Restie Graneta since Restie came and on his knees asked for forgiveness from Rody. Rody has also announced that he is no longer the preacher at Metro Tuguegarao (so his support should be cut off completely),
but is instead the Evangelist of Cagayan. Which shows Rody is denominational in outlook. When one member asked was does an evangelist do, Rody said he travels around and trains preachers. Which shows Rody has no concept of biblical terms and their meanings.

With all of this, consider also:

Jim McDonald has been going to the Philippines to preach since around 1992 or 1993. Ron Halbrook didn't start until 1995. Connie Adams, until this part year, had been there twice-1971 and 1975. Most of the others are even more Johnny-come-latelies than that. Jim Puterbaugh has been going there since 1977, lives and teaches there for nine to eleven months, and has
adopted and is raising five abandon Filipino children. I've been going there preaching since 1966, and lived there for two years (196-1968). Since my retirement from Military service, I've gone back so many times I've lost count.

I've known Rody Gumpad for 15 years or more. How does that compare with how much time these others have known him? And just who do you think knows bro. Gumpad better?

You are out of your depth in this dispute. Your posting indicates that you are defending an indefensible man. I would guess (and that is ALL it is-my guess) you are doing so either because of personal relations and thus believing him, or because he holds the same MDR position you do, and you feel your defense if necessary because of the doctrinal point. If so, please read carefully what I wrote on the MDR situation in the Philippines.

Yours for a peaceful and harmonious work in the Philippines based on God's Word, and not anything else.

In Christ: Wally Little