Corruption in the Philippines

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Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 15:37:40 -0600
Subject: Re: Edification or Clergy?
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1535 FWB, FL Time, Thursday 2 December 1999; Wally Little Here:

Dear bro. Peters and brethren:

I have in my possession right now an abundance of documented evidence of the same things concerning which bro. Peters wrote. Therefore, I certify that what bro. Peters originally wrote, and what he wrote this time is correct. The only "shortcomings" of his statement is that there is far more evil connected with this business than he wrote of, and probably that he is even aware of. In my 33 years of going to the Philippines preaching and teaching, I have never seen anything like this level of corruption, and in this cases, instigated and abetted by the Americans bro. Peters, and others named by name. Roger Wanasen has much more evidence [and witnesses ready to testify to it] of the wrongdoing of these Americans. Among Filipinos whose culture teaches them to avoid confrontation, the willingness to offer such testimony is a near-miracle. It is also evidence that the honest men there are fed to the ears with the dishonesty of the Americans causing trouble, and the Filipinos who have gone along with this
dishonesty for the same of getting their hands on American money. Among these, one of the worst is bro. Rody Gumpad, who has been publicly rebuked (and it is on video for all who want to see) by nine other Filipino preaches...and who was later defended in writing by a statement jointly authored by bro. Ron Halbrook and Jim McDonald. This statement was put out on one of the EMail lists, and published in the January 1998 issue of PRECEPTOR Magazine. In doing this, these Americans have defended a proven liar and materialist.

Bro. Peters, it either Jim McDonald or Ron Halbrook answers you, my credibility will be greatly strained. Expecting them to do so in an honest matter is wishing for a star. They are, simply, not honest. In their drive for control of God's work in the Philippines, they have repeatedly lied, pressured Filipino preachers and saints in the pews to disassociate themselves from any, including me, who refuse to go along with them in making MDR the test of faithfulness in that nation. The utter stupidity
and stubbornness of this ought to be obvious in that it is impossible to get a divorce in the Philippines, period, and in that overwhelmingly Roman Catholic nation, that is not about to change any time in the foreseeable future. MDR there is a false issue, deliberately introduced to produce a following of those who introduced it, and a separation from those of us who oppose those political tactics. Without repentance, Judgment will see the instigators of this division condemned to an eternity separated from the Lord Who loved and gave Himself for them.

How utterly sad; I pray for them by name daily. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so in hope.

Keep the pressure on, bro. Peter. Perhaps one day, one of the principals might respond because of the pressure, and not have a stalking horse do so for them.

In Christ: Wally Little