Corruption in the Philippines

0815 FWB, FL Sunday 11 June 2000; Wally Little Here:

Dear brethren:

Please not the appeal from a Filipino brother, Rody Gumpad, forwarded to me.

"Date: Thursday, June 08, 2000 7:48 PM
"Subject: Fw: Tessie's health


"I received the following message from Rody C. Gumpad in the Philippines today. He had sent an earlier message in which he informed me that his wife was having problems controlling her blood pressure.

"We are such a few here and our resources are so limited. Perhaps some of you will be able to help him.

"Brotherly, Jim Cooper
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"From: Rody C. Gumpad <>
"To: <>
"Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2000 6:31 PM
"Subject: Tessie's health

June 9/2000

"Brother James,

"Tessie's health is getting bad. She is still on bed and has a very high blood pressure(170 over 110)! She complains hard/difficult breathing and no feeling on her arms! I think I need to bring her to Manila Doctors before too late. I did not yet get my support for this month. We exhausted what we have in the past lectures and the enrollment of our children. School
classes is now going on. Prices of petroleum products has been just raised again last night to a very high percentage but I believe $500. to $600.00 can still be enough for bringing Tessie to Manila.The Doctors said that we need to stay in Manila 3 to 4 days for the tests/general check-up/medical treatment. Bro. David Mason told me before that he will try to help for this. I am sending him messages but NEVER heard from him. Brother James, kindly bring this matter to the attention of the good brethren in your Congregation and maybe they can do something,please. This is URGENT and May I hear from you, please. Thank you very much in advance.

"Sincerely yours in Christ, Rody Gumpad"
Wally Little Here:

Dear brethren:

Bro. Rody Gumpad is a crook. Any money you send him will be sending good money after bad. Here is a brief review of his history of handling money.

In 1993, he contacted several of us about his son, Jay, who had cancer in the leg. In addition to providing such funds as we were able, we raised large sums for him, originally understanding the boy was to be flown to the US for treatment. When US doctors saw the Xrays, they told us this was unnecessary, that the needed treatment could be provided in the Philippines.

I have no idea how much money was sent to Rody. However, it was enough to allow him to send some back, tokenism, then purchase several hectares of rice land, three vehicles, and tear down his old house (which was better by far than more than 95% of those of all the brethren I've visited in 34 years going there), and building a new house with, get it: Nine bedrooms (he claims only eight, as he uses one for an office), and five bathrooms.

Additionally, he has been to the US in both 1998 and 1999, raising funds. In 1999, he returned with at least $1500.00 [correction: the sum was at least $15,000 - editor], supposedly given him for benevolence. Instead, he purchased a van.

And in a not-so-incidental matter, those American preachers who invited Rody to come to the US, and escorted him around to various places where he preached while here, have a problem of their own. Rody was here on a tourist visa. US law forbids anyone visiting the US on a tourist visa from accepting wages. The Americans who were with him, if they didn't know that then, they do now, for I have written them on it. If they did, they were accessories compounding a felony. They might want to talk to a lawyer.

The Bible pattern of benevolence is, personal and family resources first, local congregation where he holds membership second, and when these are exhausted, seeking outside help. So instead of sending him money, why not write to him and encourage him to shape up his life? I've known him for nearly two decades, and at one time, he was a capable and effective preacher, until he fell before the temptation of materialism. Ask him to sell his van for the money he needs to take Tessie to Manila, and for her medical treatment. Incidentally, it doesn't take $500.00 to make the trip to Manila and return from where he lives in Tuguegarao; I've made that trip several times, and unless the price has been raised very drastically, the cost is around P500.00 (less than $12,00 US) each way. [In April, 2000, I flew from Tuegeraou to Manila for about $40 - editor]

Bro. Gumpad is one of a number of men there, proclaiming themselves as preachers who are, instead, either time-servers or worse, out-and-out thieves. Shortly, I plan to put out a list of these men who are known crooks, identify where they live, and hope US brethren will take heed before answer appeals from them.
Corruption in the Philippines is a way of life, but made much worse since foolish Americans have gone there in the last few years, and passed out money in large chunks, like drunken sailors spending money on shore leave.

For those whose minds are already set and are uninterested in fact, go ahead and ignore this warning. But in doing so, you might want to consider the principle or proper stewardship.

Stay tuned.

In Christ: Wally Little