Corruption in the Philippines

1500 Ft. Walton Beach, FL Sunday 11 June 2000; Wallace H. Little Here:

Dear brethren:

The present fighting in the Philippine island of Mindanao between government troops and the MILF has increased and accented the corruption there among some claiming to be preachers. I am listing those Filipino "preachers" who are known to be dishonest by previous conduct. Additionally, after the ********* separator below, I am pasting copy of an earlier message I sent out in response to an appeal made by Rody Gumpad, along with his background of dishonesty.

Note:---All the fighting bas been in Mindanao, and most of that in the southern portion of that island. So to begin with, anyone asking for help for troubles caused by that fighting is automatically a self-proclaimed crook. Some of those men have access to computer EMail capability. There are several clues in their appeals that also show they are not honest. One is the address element. It is usually, or some similar address. The "coc" is "church of Christ." The "-gsc" is the originating city (here, General
Santos City). It could be "-tc" (for Tuguegarao City), "-MM" (for Metro Manila), or any other city/town. This is almost always a commercial organization with a generic return address ("coc_-) for those who claim to be members of churches of Christ.

Next, they might, as one did, copy and paste into their message after the initial appeal, a portion of an EMail news distribution into the middle of their messages, as if this describes the situation among brethren where they are. Usually you can spot this by the sudden improvement in the English. Third, they will ask the funds be sent to them for distribution. Fourth, they might even provide their bank account number, asking the funds be electronically transferred to it. That they do this indicates either they or someone they know tried this, and it worked. Finally to "stimulate" to give, the appeal itself usually has some form of expression intended to give US readers a "guilt trip."

These men are past masters at getting money from American saints, and seldom does this go to anyone with real need. Mostly, it stops in the pockets of the "askers."

Now, the names of known dishonest men there, and their general location.

Rody Gumpad (Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Island of Luzon). His two brother, Rosendo, and Ronnie.

Wilbert Enostacion (San Fernando, La Union, Island of Luzon).

Roger Salveijo (he also lives in north-central Luzon).

Benjamin Cruz (Metro Manila), and those in his "cohort."

Cipriano Carpentero (Ozamis City, Mindanao, but a long way from the fighting).

Emilio Lamapay (Davao City, Mindanao, near where the fighting is, but untrustworthy), and his son, Richley Lamapay.

Jesse Jollem (General Santos City area, Mindanao, near where the fighting is). This man has already pocketed hundreds of dollars given him for benevolence.

There are others, less implicated, but who have personally benefited from funds from the US intended for benevolence when they had no benevolent need.

In addition to the men listed, you can be sure any they recommend are of the same stripe. Yet more, any American recommending them is also open to suspicion, because for most part, these Americans know those they are dealing with (listed above, plus others) are dishonest, yet continue working through them.

Now below I'm pasting a copy of my earlier posting.

The wise will heed what I write. Others will continue encouraging the dishonesty and corruption in the Philippines, not being willing to take the time and make the effort to learn what the truth is there. For reference only, I have been going there to preach for 34 years, and am more familiar with what is happening in that nation among those claiming to be Christians than perhaps any other conservative American gospel preacher.