Corruption in the Philippines

Dear Brethren,
At the request of Wayne Goforth and my own desire to "set the record straight", I am personally mailing you a copy of my "open letter". The slanderous e-mails by Wally Little/Glenn Hamilton have only served to cause division in the Lord's body both in the Philippines and in America. There will be no further posts on this issue unless you individually request it. I am not, nor will be "spamming" as Wally has done. I am willing to give any documentation that I have mentioned or otherwise at my own expense. If you would like further information or documentation please e-mail me.

I ask you to please consider it carefully.

Keith Malone

Keith Malone
811 2nd St.
Marietta, Ohio 45750

July 11, 2000

An Open Letter

Dear Brethren,

The time has come that I can no longer keep silent regarding the controversy in the Philippines. Most of you know that I am responding to e-mails you have received directly or indirectly from Glenn Hamilton regarding various brethren in the Philippines. In these e-mails, he charges Philippine preachers with corruption, death threats, etc, etc. There are a few things that must be noted about Glenn Hamilton before ANY of this garbage is taken as truth.

Glenn openly fellowships false teachers while shunning faithful men (documentation available). Glenn is in close association with Wally Little. Wally Little likewise is in close fellowship with Jim Puterbaugh, another promoter of false doctrine and division in the Philippines. These are not unsubstantiated charges. One piece of evidence is an article written by Wally Little, recorded in Gospel Truths, May 1997 p.14-18. In the article, Wally Little agrees with Jim Puterbaugh's position on the "One Eternal Covenant", the fellowshipping of false teachers and advocates that Romans 14 includes matters of faith and doctrine not
personal conscience. Wally also limits the doctrine of Christ in II Jn.9 to the doctrine that Jesus is the Christ rather than all the teaching Christ revealed and bound for Salvation. (I will be happy to mail you a copy of the article). Since Glenn fellowships error and shuns sound preachers of the gospel, why should anyone who is a lover of the truth believe reports from him or Wally about faithful men? This is just one item against his credibility.
[Editor's Note: For Glenn's actual position on Little and Puterbaugh's beliefs, click here.]

Other evidence against Glenn's credibility is his fellowship with Don Wilson. Don Wilson has exposed himself for gross error on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage (See written debate with Harry Osborne, Guardian of Truth, August 1, 1991 copies available). Don Wilson's February 1998 report on his Philippine trip details how closely he worked with Glenn Hamilton. Once again Glenn is exposed for being in full fellowship with false teachers. Is this man credible? If he will compromise the word of God, what else will he compromise? (II Jn.9-11; Rom.16:17,18)

Now let us consider the accusations and charges against Philippine preachers. Glenn has a history of making undocumented charges against Philippine preachers, with Rody Gumpad being the main target of Glenn and Wally Little (Wally often quotes Glenn in these matters). I have attached Rody's response to Wally's (and Glenn's) charges. It is worthy of your consideration since you likely received slanderous reports about Rody - be fair with a brother and let the other side be heard. I also have first hand evidence about the lies Glenn reports. I will now answer specific charges from Glenn. Glenn reports in an e-mail dated Nov.28, 1999 the following (I will follow with my proof of his lies.):

1) G.H. - "A few weeks ago a preacher in Sampaguita, Solana, Cagayan Valley, by the name of Greggorio de los Reyes ceased to preach for the local congregation there."
K.M. - I have preached where Greggorio preaches and the church is doing well (pictures available). The attendance board showed a healthy average attendance. Many Philippine preachers spoke of how Greggorio's congregation had never disbanded and that he continues to preach there.

2) G.H. "Most of the members had already ceased to attend there".
K.M. - As I said above, the attendance board showed a healthy attendance and Glenn's charge was refuted by many. I even have pictures of the attendance board! The highest attendance for the month of March 2000 was 52 the lowest was 37. As I said, I have pictures - proof positive. Glenn often will say that he got his proof "from a reliable source." He should have checked his sources before he publicized such lies.

3) G.H. - "At that time, Greggorio took a secular job (as a private chauffeur for another preacher)".
K.M. - Greggorio has never driven Rody's car let alone been his chauffer. I've got documentation from Greg stating this fact. Many other brethren confirmed the fact that Glenn again has lied.

4) G.H. - "According to people close to Greggorio, he is continuing to receive support (apparently over US $1,000/month) from US brethren."
K.M. - At the time these lies were spread abroad, Greggorio was only getting $100 from brethren in the US and now is receiving $150. Once again, Glenn is guilty of lying and spreading false accusations. We have the names of Greggorio's three supporters. Wally and Glenn have not produced any more supporters because there are none!
[Editor's note: Claims as to the amount of support are difficult to confirm or deny as support comes from independent sources. If anyone has documentation of the support sent to Greggorio, I would like to post what is known.]

Brethren, with these four points so greatly lied about, why should we even believe his story about Greggorio making a "death threat"? If Glenn will be divisive enough to lie about the above four points, he would lie about the death threat. Since we cannot believe Glenn because he fellowships false teachers and has grossly lied, proven above, why should we believe what he says about Rody Gumpad, Greg De Los Reyes, or any faithful men? He says he has evidence but has never proved it. I believe his "evidence" is just as corrupt as he is (see Proverbs 26:7).

We hope that Glenn and Wally will repent of their error before it is eternally too late. Paul said to the Ephesian elders (Acts 20:29,30) that trouble would arise within the church. At that time, the Gospel was spreading rapidly and Satan knew the best way to stop it - internal strife. The Gospel is spreading like wildfire in the Philippines and once again Satan is trying to stop it internally. Wally and Glenn's slander and lies are doing nothing positive but rather tearing down the Lord's work in the Philippines. For this, the Lord will hold them accountable.

You have my permission to forward this to anyone interested in the work in the Philippines.

For the Truth,
Keith Malone

[Editor's Note: For the record, a good portion of the evidence presented on this site came from Glenn's files.]

[Editor's Note: Even Halbrook admits the threat was sent, but he does not believe it came from brethren.]