Corruption in the Philippines

Jim McDonald
PO Box 155032
Lufkin, TX 75915


Dear Jim:

It is my prayer that all is going fine with both your family and your works.

The works we are doing here at the northern part of La Union, particularly Bacnotan, San Juan and Bauang continues to move along. We have our joint efforts with Monroe, James, and myself of the said area. On Sundays, Monroe conducts a regular service in Bauang. James is in Bacnotan and myself in San Juan. During the midweek we have joint efforts.

I would rather work with young fellow preachers rather than to work with Wilbert Enostacion. Before, I highly appreciated and respected him and was very thankful with the good he has done for me in training me to work for the Master. But it seems to me that I will try to forget those things just for a while and try to look and examine his life being so-called the preacher of the Lord's church and try to expose him as he has refused to repent of his evil deeds. Instead, he tried to cover it by using his influence.

First, he is a deceiver, troublemaker, and liar. He deceived you as well as Ken Marrs in 1994 when you were in Baguio City. Also the brethren in Columbia, MO by giving a false report. Kindly read the other enclosed letters. He is a troublemaker, by spreading and telling to the brethren here in La Union and maybe in America or foreign brethren that we departed from the faith.

He is a liar. He denied the $3,000 benevolence from Columbia, MO. Instead, he said that it is only $1,000 he received and the
church in Missouri had been dissolved. It is just the same what he told to Monroe. Now, is it our fault to call him this way when he refused to repent for his evil deeds? Shall I remain silent just because of what good he has done for me? Shall we close our minds for the truth regarding the deceitfulness of Bert just because he is a very influential preacher? In fact, I showed no respect for him and was angered when Bert mouthed, "F--- Y--" to me while in Abra.

Second, he is a false teacher. Many times he taught in the midst of the congregation that the Lord's Supper forgives our weekly sins. When we talked to him with Carlos Domingo, he was still defending his own doctrine. Is he not a false teacher?

Third, he compromises with the World. His fraternity named Guardian, which was originally named El Diablo. In English, that means Devil. This is the fraternity of the Liquidation Squad (Death Squads) of the military. He joined and revived the Guardian here in Region I and became the Regional director. He used his support to revive the said fraternity according to him and his wife. Am I wrong to tell you that he is compromising with the world when he joined with his fellow brothers in his fraternity and drink wine and get drunk? He was really drunk during his initiation. Now, where is the salt or the light of the world? Is it good to fellowship with this kind of preacher?

When delivered your letter to Monroe in Bacnotan, I heard from Bert's own mouth that he has a contract for those who expose him and that the ABB (Alex Bongcayao Brigade, a hit squad for the communist party) would execute the guilty person for him.

I'm not afraid of his death threat. I am not able to remain silent of his evil deeds just because of his good deeds that he has done for me. If I die for telling or exposing the deceitfulness of Bert, I will be very happy.

At the present time, I'm so sorry and disappointed. He sacrificed us just to cover up his deceitfulness by fabricating words to brethren both foreign and local -- who believed him. Our works and our family suffered because of his evil deeds. We departed from this kind of preacher but we never departed from the faith as Bert has claimed that we have done.

Bert has never seen that La Union is now behind in compared to other areas here in Luzon. He really destroyed us in order to cover up his evil deeds.

We are praying for you and your best friend. We hope you do not tolerate him. May the Lord continue to bless us all. Thanks!

Your brother in the Lord,


Wayne M. Mariano

P.S. We assure you 100% that we are not the cause of all the troubles here. It is Bert -- your trusted man -- who is the source. He has been deceiving us all for so many years by telling the progress of his work in La Union. It is so sad, but he has just been claiming a work outside San Fernando City.

I am concerned that Bert feels he is the "supervisor" for Abra and La Union. He seems to be influencing your decisions toward us. When we complain to you, you do not believe us.

He even tried to hinder your schedule to Abra by making it appear that the province was in a critical situation because of the Election. The truth is that he wanted to blacken your trust toward Isidro Tacis.