Corruption in the Philippines

3428 Dixieland Way
Rancho Cordova, CA. 95670
June 5, 1996

Neo Aglugub
P.O. Box 034
Tuguegarao, Cagayan
3500 Philippines

Dear Neo:

Greetings in the Precious Name of the Him who died for us.

I have received a copy of the letter of charges against Rody Gumpad that several of you signed and sent Him.

Truly I have several mixed emotions: shock, sadness, disappointment, embarrassment and grief. I lay no blame at the feet of you brethren who wrote him, but only admiration, allowing these things are true. I believe in your sincerity and honesty.

I have written to Rody appealing to him to do righteousness by these charges; that they are too numerous, too serious and supported by too many credible witnesses to be ignored. I pray that he will honestly and humbly look over his past and acknowledge them by repentance if realizes that is in order.

I am sad for the many beautiful relationships that have been hurt by this, but especially I am sorely grieved by the irrepairable harm the great work in Cagayan has suffered. But it will go on! One man can neither make nor destroy the work of God. Let the brethren be strongly reminded of this and exhorted to show their faith by an even more diligent work.

I understand that Rody tore up the letter that was sent to him and returned it. Is that correct? If so, that it NOT the response that I and others are waiting to hear. And there are others: his friends and supporters in America who are waiting to hear, who want to know or hear from him.

Neo, you brethren must understand Americans and the American way on all such things where one is charged with anything. It is slow but quite fair and effective and unifying. To us one charged with anything is ASSUMED innocent until he is PROVED guilty. Credible witnesses however, are one strong source of evidence. He must be given, and he must take the opportunity to answer his accusers. To him this would involve a truthful explanation of how he came into possession of such evident extraordinary amount of funds. This should satisfy his accusers and even elicit their apologies. Failing to do this he is convicted.

I pray for Rody. I pray for you and all the brethren there. Most of all I pray the Lord's will be don, and the work there continue in great spiritual properity.

In all brotherly love,

[Signed: Kenneth Marrs]

Copy to Rody Gumpad