Corruption in the Philippines

3428 Dixieland Way
Rancho Cordova, CA. 95670
Aug. 12, 1996

Neo Aglugub
P.O. Box 034
Tuguegarao, Cagayan
3500 Philippines

Dear Neo:

Greetings in our Wonderful Saviour's name!

I just finished looking at the video tape of the July 6 meeting you brethren had with Rody. Brother Haverstock sent it to me however, because I have had three different addresses in the past thirteen months, and he only had my original address, it failed to reach me & was returned to him. He found my second address somewhere, and it was tied up there before they finally forwarded it to me. So I was very late in receiving it.

I did not know before, but I gathered from the tape that I should send you a copy of Rody's letter of apology to me which that meeting asked him to write. A copy of that letter is enclosed.

I am very happy and thankful that so much progress "appeared" to be made however, when I read of the erasures of names following the signing I wonder: Is everything really and trully settled; will you brethren work together happily and harmoniously as before ? I pray that it will be so.

My warmest regards to you and Nida and all the brethren there.

In all brotherly love,

[Signed: Kenneth Marrs]