Corruption in the Philippines

Lufkin, Texas
July 23, 1996

Dear Bro. Sample,

Thank you for your call last week. Please pardon my handwritten letter - I am suffering from back problems & cannot get to my computer right now - perhaps you can read it OK.

I have written bro. Salviejo concerning the charges against him & have asked him to send me the death certificate of his first wife & the marriage license to the woman he now lives with.

I went back & read his letters to me again concerning his marital status. He was honest from the very first. He was married - they did not stay together - he acknowledged that in those years he was engaged in an illicit relationship with at least one woman - but his first wife is dead & he is married to the woman he is living with.

Today I called Andrew Gawe - he preaches in Baguio City where Glen lives. It was brother Gawe whom Roger said had performed the marriage ceremony. Brother Gawe said it was true - that he did perform Roger's marriage ceremony - I asked him if Roger's marriage state was right & he said it was. So the bottom line is that the accusation against Roger that he is not married is false.

As soon as I hear from Roger I will send it on to you. It will take about a month for a letter to get there, for him to get the material, & for Roger to get the material back to me. I did however, want to let the brethren know that I have talked to the preacher who married Roger to the woman he now lives with & he assured me Roger is marrried & that his status is right.

I thank you for your call - Neither you nor I want to have fellowship with one whose marital state is sinful. I appreciate you for that. I thank you again for the support of the men you are supporting. I do know them all & believe they are worthy men.

Your brother in Christ,

/s/ Jim McDonald

[Editor's Note: Jim later supplied brother Sample supporting evidence. See letter from Wilbert Enostacion and his marriage license. The promised death certificate was not sent.]