Corruption in the Philippines

From: "Jim C. McDonald" <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 07:17:50 -0400

Dear Justin;

after about 5 days of being unable to contact bro. Julie Notarte by either e-mail or telephone, I have talked with him this morning. He says he can get 150 or more preachers who will attest that the conditions stated in my appeal is correct and he issues a standing invitation to Glen Hamilton to come and go with him into the regions where he can see with his own eyes the conditions of devastated farms lands. He says he can document, and will document that there have been many who have died through lack of food or medical attention. If Glen is willing to go and investigate for himself, he has an invitation from Julie Notarte to come and see.

Hope all goes well with you. My prayers are with you.
Jim McDonald