Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: Below is a clip from Jim McDonald's report, believed to have been sent on 7/2/2000. I am looking for the complete report if anyone has it.]

...In early March, 2000 bro. Earl Mitchell and I made a special trip to Tuguegarao to talk with the desk sargent to whom Glen
reported two `death threats'. We asked Rody that he leave us so that we might talk privately with the sargent ( SPO2 Mario B. Taguinod PNP ); and we asked him if he said (in conversation with Glen Hamilton) that Rody Gumpad was a `crook and swindler'. Three times we asked him this question. Three times he responded that he did not, that those were Glen Hamilton's words. He likewise stated that it was Glen Hamilton, (not he) who stated that Rody had made a trip to the US to swindle American brethren out of their money. He stated that he really did not know Rody Gumpad but that he acted as though he did, in order to obtain what information he could get from Glen.

[Editor's Note: See the police report and notice that Jim McDonald and Earl Mitchell did not speak with the correct officer. Two different officers were involved in the two reports. Jim and Earl spoke with the second officer, not the first.]