Corruption in the Philippines

Dear Roger:

Your letter arrived this morning. Thank you for confirming what I wrote to Glenn. Glenn had written: "Finally Jim offers his own testimony. He fails to inform his readers that just the week prior to his trip to Cagayan, Jim promised Roman "Roger" Wanasen ( that he would not see Rody Gumpad while in Cagayan. Rather he promised to go straight to the police on his own and investigate the matter so that he would not be fooled. Anyone who wants to verify that Jim indeed promised such to Roger can write to Roger at his e-mail. Roger has already rebuked Jim for his lying so I am sure he will be willing to discuss the matter with interested brethren. Jim provides his own proof of his lying to Roger by stating they went to the police with Rody. Now we get to the real embarrassment for Jim. I have asked Jim before to name the officer Rody brought them to since I did not believe Rody would risk bringing them to the right officer. Sure enough, Rody brought them to the wrong officer. The desk sergeant to whom I spoke was SPO3 Marcelo Cabildo as is plainly evident on the police blotter here on the desk before me."

In my response to Glenn I wrote: "IF Roger told you that I had promised to him I would not see Rody in Cagayan, Roger lied to you. Only Roger and I were present when we talked in Manila. So, it is Roger's word against mine. I told Roger that I would not allow Rody to be with us when we talked with the officer. Rody was not with us when we talked with the police officer. That is all I told Roger. I told Roger I had not intended to go to Cagayan on that trip but changed my mind because I wanted to talk with the police officer myself. If I was mistaken about the name of the officer, I am not mistaken about what he said. As to Roger having already rebuked me for lying, Glenn, IF he told you that he told a falsehood. He has not communicated with me since April and in that last communication said nothing of the sort. You'de better get your story straight."

Glen said that "Roger has already rebuked Jim for his lying...."

You wrote: "When I learned from the brethren in Cagayan that you stay and meet with Rody, I made a harsh letter to rebuke you. And that what I say to Bro Glenn. I keep on praying whether or not to send to you my letter but one of my good friends asked me if I send already my letter to you and I said not yet. You know what he said? 'I am glad that you did not send because it would hurt him so much'." Glen said you had ALREADY REBUKED me for lying, you acknowledge you never sent the letter you had written. Did you tell Glenn you had not send the letter, Roger? If you did not tell him, Glenn could properly assume you had mailed it; if you did tell him you had not mailed it, then Glenn is the one who told the falsehood. Which is it? Either way, you sustained my charge, Roger.

You wrote: "Maybe you did not consider a rebuke on what I told you during our meeting. Just because I did it gently and respectfully does not mean it was not a rebuke. I even present to you written evidence. I told you face to face that you made a mistake on the distribution and you accept it, that's why you are here to rebuke them." You said that you told me "I made a MISTAKE on the distribution:" Glenn said you had already rebuked me for lying. "Making a mistake on the distribution" and
"lying" are not the same thing, Roger. So, my charge was correct. You had not rebuked me after my visit to Cagayan (Glenn said you had); and you did not rebuke me for lying (Glenn said you did).

You have repeatedly insisted that I go without those against whom charges are made. You wanted me to go to Cagayan and not see Rody. I told you that I would not allow Rody to be present when I talked with the officer. I never promised you that I would not see Rody at all. You said: "don=92t know bro Jim if you are getting old already. I heard in my two ears that you promised not to meet bro Rody Gumpad on your trip to Cagayan because you want to know exactly what happen to the death threat reported in the police station. I was really happy when I heard that from you."

JIM: Yes, Roger, I am getting old. But that does not mean that I am the only one who doesn't speak or hear well nor that I have lost all sense of what I have said. You said: "I heard in my two ears that you promised not to meet bro. Rody Gumpad..." I am saying that your own two ears do not hear any better than your own two lips speak. You told Glenn that you had made a harsh letter and rebuked me for lying. By your own admission you had neither sent a letter to rebuke me, nor did you rebuke me for
"lying". Now, will Glenn acknowledge that he was wrong and apologize for reporting that false report from you, or if in fact you had told him you had not mailed the letter you wrote, that he lied when he said you had ALREADY rebuked me? We shall see.

As to the incident about the officer, Glenn mentions that I gave the wrong name of the officer he talked with, another example that Rody had 'fooled' me. It is true that I was confused about the name of the officer bro. Mitchell and I talked with and I gave the name of another officer rather than that of SPO3 Marcelo Cabildo. But, I have since talked with a man who claimed to be SPO4 Marcelo Cabildo. I asked him if he would talk with both Glenn and myself together so that Glenn could see that he was the same police officer he talked with. He agreed that he would. He said that two Americans (whose names he did not remember) did talk with him in March and that he would remember my face were he to see it again. I am willing to come to Tuguegarao on one of my next trips to the Philippines and go with Glenn to the officer who claimed to be SPO4 Marcelo Cabildo. If he is not the same officer, then he will have proven that Rody did 'fool us'. But if he is the same one Glenn spoke with, brother Mitchell and I have already given testimony that said officer denied that he had called Rody 'a crook and swindler'. Rather, he reported to us that those were Glenn's words.

As to the need for a tape recorder, I would have welcomed that Roger. Had you had one you would have realized I did not tell you I would not see Rody in Cagayan. I have furnished one, and most likely two counts, by your own admission, of things that you told Glenn that had not happened. I am saying you also told him something else that did not happen, that I promised you I would not see Rody when I went to Cagayan. I will give you the benefit of the doubt of this latter point: I think you believed that was what I said. I am just as certain that I did not promise you that I would not see Rody in Cagayan, that you misunderstood what I said. There is one thing for certain: God knows and I am willing to go to His judgment and meet my record there on that item.

There were several things you promised in that Manila meeting, as well, Roger, among them was your promise that you would write your supporters and friends among the MEs that you did not believe their doctrine that it is wrong for one man to preach every Sunday to the same congregation. You were going to send a copy of that letter to me, remember? Where is my copy, Roger?

You quote me "'But the test is still there. Where are the names of those supporting churches and/or individuals who supported Greg $1,000? Let Glenn and Wallace produce those names and I will do as I said I would do: I will rebuke Greg and urge his supporters to cease his support'. (RMW) Maybe the amount of the support was not correct (I don=92t know) but the real issue here Jim is that; Bro Greg stop preaching in Sampaguita, he only resume when Glenn made his report. This is a fact."

The real issue, Roger, is that I charged Glenn and Wally with rushing into print with things they had not confirmed. They have not produced the names of those supporters of Greg that they said supplied him with apparantly $1,000 in support. They have given false information. My proposition is sustained: THEY RUSH INTO PRINT WITH THINGS THEY HAVE NOT CONFIRMED.

AND SO DO YOU, ROGER. In your "Horror Stories" you charged that on my previous trip to the Philippines that 1) when I was in Davao City that one preacher asked in their dialect "Who wants rice" and all raised their hands. Then, that preacher was supposed to have turned to me and said "These all want to be baptized, bro. Jim." I told you that your information was incorrect, that I DID NOT GO TO DAVAO CITY on that trip. And I asked you for confirmation for that report. You never gave it, Roger. You rushed into print with thing you have not confirmed.

Your said 2) that in Lake Sebu that after someone showed me a picture of a large assembly which supposedly was a congregation of Christians (but actually was a picture of a denominational gathering) that I then gave several thousands pesos to them. I challanged you to produce that proof. You never gave it, Roger. You report things you have not confirmed.

I asked you to confirm the accusations you made to me. You told brethren in General Santos City that you were acting for me in gathering information there. I asked you to prove your accusations, Roger. That is far different than my sending you to "gather information".

You wrote: "Hey bro Jim, there's nothing wrong accepting our fault. For me I keep repenting everyday in my life for the mistakes and sins that I committed. And I am asking forgiveness to you again if I hurt your feeling in sending you this message but I need to tell you the truth. I love your soul and I want to see you in Heaven!" I have accepted my faults in time past as you very well know, and will in time to come. I am imperfect and I know that perfectly well. In my letter to Glenn and even in this letter, I have acknowledged that I was mistaken about the name of the officer that bro. Mitchell and I talked with. I apologize for

It's also confession time for you, Glenn and Wally. You need to ask forgiveness for more than "hurting me". You need to ask forgiveness for lying: you acknowledged that you DID NOT send a letter to me rebuking me for lying. You acknowledged you did not rebuke me for lying, your "rebuke" was for making a "mistake" in distribution. But you apparently told Glenn you did. Ask his forgiveness for having lied to him. Then let Glenn confess that he reported something that did not happen, let Wally confess that he sent a report of something that did not happen.

You said: "You made a lot of confusion and division here in our country. Why don't you consider Glenn reports? He has been living here for almost 8 years and he knows what's going on." Look in the mirror and see one who has made a lot of confusion and division in your country. On my next trip one of the places I plan to go is Palawan, a place that is shambles as far as brother relationships is concerned. Through your "unity in diversion" position you have carried MEs there and some brethren are allied with them. Through your philosophy brethren there have accepted the "no divided class" preachers; "one-cup" preachers; yes even institutional preachers. I do not say that you have brought all these different kinds of preachers there, but your doctrinal position has paved the way for them to accept these different kinds of preachers. In Mindanao in the Oraquieta City area I met those whom you have influenced, Roger. Bavien Sausa is one of the leaders there. Bavien has been "in and out"of so many different kinds of "churches of Christ" (as well as making application to preach for at least one that are not even a "church of Christ) that it is hard to count them all. He was with the instruemental church of Christ, then the premellienal church of Christ
and presently is supported by them. Then he received the MEs. There is the fruit of your doctrine, Roger. As to Glenn's knowing what is going on, I don't believe he does. If he knew what was "going on" he would not have reported so many of the things he reported. He may live in the Philippines but there are many places he has never been. He has to depend on the reports of others and they don't always get their stories straight. There is corruption there, granted. But, Roger, there isn't a nickles' worth of difference between the corruption of those who stand with Glenn and Wally and brethren who oppose them. I have heard my own "horror" stories as well which I could tell, but I have not chosen to repeat them. What I am trying to do is to teach all whom I have opportunity to grow up in Christ and to "Walk worthily of the calling" they were called with, to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to them.

You said: "Let us put to end these garbage, let us talk and settle our differences". I want to "put to end this garbage" as well. My
suggestion is, talk with those who flood the mails and the e-mails with the "garbage", as you call it. You know who they are. The record will show that I have been very restrained in the things I have written.

I have not ceased to love you, Roger. I pray for you. I hope that these things I have written may help you to open your eyes.

Yours in Christ,
Jim McDonald

[Editor's Note: Please notice that Roger talked about a face-to-face rebuke and Jim is saying he never received a rebuke via e-mail. Jim does not count the face-to-face discussion because of the wording and topic.]