Corruption in the Philippines

Hello Brethren,

Jim McDonald requested that I forward this to BOL. The approximate need is about $670 according to the latest exchange rate. We hope that you can help. So far there is $50 toward paying this urgent need. Thanks for your concern and help!!!

~Steve Locklair

If you can help, please e-mail Jim McDonald at

Br. McDonald wrote,

There is a young brother named Jeniry Jollum whose wife had to have a caesarian operation to deliver their baby. The hospital will not allow them to return home unless the bill is paid. I have had confirmation from other brethren that the need is genuine. The letter from him is as follows:

"Thank you so much for your reply. This morning I talked to the doctor regarding the condition of my wife,and according to him my wife Jiji is now okey,and the doctor told us that she can go home tommorow or friday.But our problem is the payment of hospital.The total hospital bills of my wife is 32,102.80 pesos,plus the bills of the baby 4,663.00 pesos,the total of 36,765.80 pesos.

Dad,we are planning to go out tommorow if we have money to pay in the hospital,because if my wife stay longer in the hospital our bills will bigger and bigger.The hospital give already to me the total bills.

Dad,my father Johnny and bro.Leonardo Maste and Carlito Abella saw already the bills in the hospital and you can confirm them.

Dad,I am planning to scan the documents in the computer but according to Carlito there was a problem with the scanner of your computer.

Dad,please advice me what to do in this problem.

We hope and pray for your reply.

In Christian love,
Jeniry Julom"