Corruption in the Philippines

Subject: Filipino preacher: Rody Gumpad FAITHFUL
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996 10:39:23 -500
From: Tim McPherson <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>

Tim McPherson here, clearing up a slanderous report !

Not long ago, Wally Little sent a post through the Internet "warning" American brethren about a certain Rody Gumpad from the Philippines. This slanderous post represented Rody Gumpad as a dishonest, lying, and unfaithful preacher who was in the USA seeking money. Well, having gone to where Rody preached last night, hearing his superb lesson and also listening to him explain and answer questions concerning these vicious and slanderous attacks, I feel it is absolutely necessary to write this post. The elders of the Pleasant Valley, WV congregation where Rody was preaching also would like to have this post sent. One elder has kept Rody in his home and has found him to be totally faithful and trustworthy. Nothing could be further fromt he truth than the slanderous warning that was sent. It was further posted that Rody had become so materialistic that he bought two houses and three cars. Rody explained that this is nothing but a lie. In explaining these matters, he never once tried to attack anyone or slander anyone else, but simply set the record straight.

Oh, what harm this has caused a preacher of the gospel. One church I know of in this area simply canceled his appointment with no questions asked. They gave him no opportunity to explain. Other churches, without inquiring or checking further into the matter, have simply CUT OFF Rody from preaching appointments. Brethren, this is not right. The Bible warns us about listening to gossip.

The truth of the matter is deep. Turns out that Rody Gumpad hosted and kept Ron Halbrook and Mike Willis in his home while they were in the Philippines. We also know how Wally Little feels about Ron Halbrook, don't we? Also, Rody Gumpad refused to go hear Jerry Bassett (a false teacher on MDR) when Bassett taught a series of classes in an area of the Philippines. Rody carries a lot of influence with the brethren in his area of the Philippines, and when he did not go hear Bassett, many other brethren did not go either. Rody is wanting to stand for the truth and is welcoming Ron Halbrook and Mike Willis. Apparently, this is not pleasing the teachers who teach error on MDR.

Rody explained how he has to travel all over the area teaching and grounding brethren. Yes, it is a fact that most brethren do not have a car over there, but it is a must that he be able to travel. Rody has planted over 50 congregations in the Philippines. He is invited to speak in these congregations and must travel to them. Rody must have the support to work with these churches. He would not be able to do anything if he was not supported better than the totally dirt poor Filipinos. When he travels to these congregations, he has to stay with the brethren there, but because they are so poor and helpless, he also helps them out while with them.

Concerning Rody's home. Wally Little knows full well that Rody's house is not a mansion, by any means, far from it. My wife saw pictures of the house and also saw pictures of Rody's wife bathing her children from a metal bucket. Rody is trying to build a better place to live, since his present house is deteriorating and very old. This brought about opportunity to attack him. You see, he never bought another house. He is simply trying to build a house that is better because of the poor condition of the one he is living in now. I might add, Rody has seven children and also takes care of his parents. In total, there are eleven people under his roof. This is something we forget in America because of our cultural differences. (By the way, one of his children has cancer and one has epilepsy).

I found Rody to be sincere and true, and also very caring for the brethren in the Philippines. He never hesitated to "set the record straight". He has been put through some horrible gossip, and because of these attacks, was not received at all by some Americans. The truth be known, Rody has done so much good as a preacher of the gospel over there and continues to stand for the truth. He has hosted and welcomed many preachers from the States to his country, but when his welcome to the USA came, he was mistreated. Surely he must be discouraged with our brethren, but thankfully there are those who do not listen to everything they hear without further investigation.

Pray for Rody, and especially as he stands for the truth opposing false teaching and error, even the error of MDR. May he influence brethren for what is right and not allow his good name to be ruined.

God bless,

Tim McPherson

[Editor's Note: See Hamilton's reply to this note.]
[Editor's Note: See McPherson's retraction]