Corruption in the Philippines

From: "Tim McPherson" <>
To: "Glenn E. Hamilton" <>
Subject: Fw: Reply to "Rody Gumpad FAITHFUL"
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 09:03:09 -0500

To my brother in Christ,

Glenn, I don't know what to say. I have apparently "come to the rescue" of a man who is very worthy of questioning. In my letter defending Rody, I was going by the report of the Pleasant Valley elders , Ron Halbrook, and Rody himself. Ron said that he felt like we (Americans) should let the Filipino brethren work out their own disagreements . He viewed the controversy over Rody as a disagreement similar to Paul and Barnabas. Ron later told me about my mistake in saying that Mike Willis stayed with Rody when it should have been Jim McDonald. I certainly did not mean to get anything incorrect. I acknowledge that I "jumped to conclusions" when I reasoned about "why" such attacks were being made of Rody by Wallace Little. I was wrong for implying something, as your detailed letter has stated, that is not the reason. To correct the possibility of being wrong, I did however post a follow-up statement on the internet the next day making it clear that it was only my assumption that this was the reason. I'm still digesting your letter but the facts seem to speak for themselves, don't they.

Glenn, thank you for clarifying these matter with me. If I need to do anything to correct my end of this then let me know. My heart is saddened by your trustworthy report.

Keep up your good work. I appreciate the sacrifices you are making for the cause of Christ in that area.

Your brother,

Tim McPherson

From: "Tim McPherson" <>
To: "Glenn E. Hamilton" <>
Subject: An apology is in order
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 13:14:08 -0500


I also want to apologize for what you have stated was an insult to the brethren in the Philippines. By my writing "the average dirt poor Filipinos", I was not meaning to be rude or insulting. I can see how someone might be offended by this statement and I ask their forgiveness. I also am sorry for saying that some were "helpless". Again, I was not meaning to be insulting. Please express my sincere apologies to the brethren who might have read my post and were offended.

Thank you for all your trouble,

Tim McPherson

[Editor's Note: See Hamilton's reply the following day.]