Corruption in the Philippines
Subject: Imperial Beach Letter!
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 10:32:16 +0100 (BST)
From: Rosalito Nardo <>
To: [blanked]

My Dear Beloved Brethren in Christ,

Praying,hoping everything is fine with your family
most espicially the work of our Lord in your area. I
am starting visiting our brethren and conducting door
knocking. I am a gospel preacher for church of Christ
in Tinongcop Congregation with 60 active and faithful
members of Christ. I found your email by searching
churches of Christ website. I was new operated of
Kedney for 2nd times and third will be on November
2005 to get out the "Ureteral Stenting Tube" in my
kedney. As of this time, sometime I feel pain but, I
am continue intake my medicines daily.

It has been running for(4)months I did not received
any word from my supporter from Imperial Beach
California. Finally, this is afternoon I received the
letter from them

"Dear Brother Nardo,

I'm writing this letter to let you know that the
congregation of the church of Christ in Imperial beach
is undergoing some difficult times. Our Membership has
twindled to a small handful of brethren and I'm
currently working with a lawyer to dispose of the
property,as many many legal obstacles to overcome.

It is with deep regrets, first of all ,that I didn't
contact you earlier to let you know this, but working
full time and now, for all practical purposes, being
the full time preacher at the congregation, time of
this issues has consumed the greatest majority of my
time. with greatest regrets. I must inform you that we
will no longer be able to continue support to you, and
certainly hope that you understand the circumstances
relevant this change. Our prayers will continue to be
with you and of those of the brethren endeavor in the
Lord's work in the Philippines.


Charlie Henson
P.O.BOX 155
Imperial Beach, CA 91933"

I realy believed that our God has a perfect plan and
perfect decision. We will pray for the brethren in
Imperial Beach.

The congregation of Imperial Beach contributed $175
for the work of the Lord for how many years. Our God
is so Great. For I don't know where,when or who are
the faithful indivial or church will God open thier
heart to continue to replace my support. I pray that
our God will use you to find someone to fill those
previlige. It is about half of my support and will be
half of my schedule will be slice and affected for my
shortage income. I am begging to please help me to
pray to find for a replacement.

Please contact brother Jim McDonald on his regarding for my work here in
Philippines. Or Brother Larry Coffey:

Yours in Christ,

Rosalito & Jeanete Nardo
Koronadal City
P.O.BOX 847

[Editor's note: Nardo said he lost Imperial Beach's support in May, 2005 and in March, 2007 .]