Corruption in the Philippines
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 6:04 AM
Subject: Feedback

Name : nardorosalito F. Nardo

Address : San Felipe, Tantangan, South cotabato

City : Koronadal City, 9506 Couth Cotabato

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Comments : My Dear faithful Brethren in Christ, Greetings in the name of our Savios Jesus Christ! I got your e-mail address in the wabesite of churches of Christ conservative. Name: Rosalito F. Nardo Age: 31 Birth Date: Sept.03,1975 Wife: Name: Jeneatte D. Nardo Age: 28 BirthDate: Feb. 15,1978 Children: Name: Jo-Hannah D. Nardo Age: 8 BirthDate:Oct.16,1998 Name: Jim Jethro Nardo Age: 5 BirthDate: Nov.14,1998 Home Address: San Felipe, 9510 Tantangan South Cotabato Mailling: Koronadal City, Post office Box 847,9506 South Cotabato, Philippines Brother, I,m a gospel preacher of the Lord here in Philippines in the area of Southern Mindanao who are now faithfully preaching every Sunday in three (3) churches. Out of this three congregation there are many numbers of churches around in these area always we visited where some of our faithful co- preachers are doing best to edify the brethren, preaching the gospel to the people who are thirsty of the Word of God. If you notice the letter below. A final letter from Imperial Beach church, California where in the content informed me that they will no longer to continue thier support becuse of their legal difficulties that we need them to help by praying. The brethren help me $175 a month which a very helpful for the work of the Lord and blessful for the hundreds of souls in different places were added to the church of Christ because I can move and do more stronger for the glory of God. If the church in Lodi have a difficulties, where here we have also more difficulties on how to move more faster than before when my support are not yet cut off. My wife are hardly streching our remaining small support just continue to spread out the wonderful Word of God and to edify those precious brethren in defferent places. Some times I'm looking for extra secular source just to fill the needs for the work of the Lord, but not just open because of my health problem. How I wish and pray that I could do to preach full time and help the work of the Lord here in our place more grow. I don't know brether if you can be able to help me to restore my support so that I could be moving stronger for the work of the Lord here,I begging you please help me to pray. I wanted to hear from you. Your brother in Christ, Rosalito F. Nardo Koronadal City Post Office Box 847 9506 South Cotabato Philippines "Dear Brother Nardo, I'm writing this letter to let you know that the congregation of the church of Christ in Imperial beach is undergoing some difficult times. Our Membership has twindled to a small handful of brethren and I'm currently working with a lawyer to dispose of the property,as many many legal obstacles to overcome. It is with deep regrets, first of all ,that I didn't contact you earlier to let you know this, but working full time and now, for all practical purposes, being the full time preacher at the congregation, time of this issues has consumed the greatest majority of my time. with greatest regrets. I must inform you that we will no longer be able to continue support to you, and certainly hope that you understand the circumstances relevant this change. Our prayers will continue to be with you and of those of the brethren endeavor in the Lord's work in the Philippines. Sincerly, Charlie Henson P.O.BOX 155 Imperial Beach, CA 91933"

[Editor's note: Nardo said he lost Imperial Beach's support in May, 2005 and in September, 2005. Nardo eventually admits that this happened in May of 2005.]
[Editor's note: Request for more details by Hamilton]