Corruption in the Philippines
From: Rosalito Nardo
To: Glenn E. Hamilton
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 9:35 PM
Subject: Re: Support

Dear Brother Glenn,

I highly appreciated for your response. Brethren and church who are currently supporting me.
1) Folsom, California---$100 a month
2) Larry Coffey------------$150 a month
3) Kevin Kelly--------------$ 50 a month
4) Bob Matteson----------$ 25 amonth
5) George Garrison-------$25 a month

Total amount---------------$ 350

Our Needs:

1). My Medicines and check-up for my Kidney- P 5,000 to 8,000 [$103.95 to $166.32]
2).Medicines of my son to his Asthma-------------P 2,000 [$41.58]
3).foods-------------------------------------------------------- P 5,000 [$103.95]
4).Power/water bill------------------------------------------P 1,500 [$31.19]
5). Kids studies----------------------------------------------P 10,000 [$207.90]
6). Milk for kids/Vitamins --------------------------------P 3,500 [$72.77]
7). for the work of the Lord
a) Travelling expenses
b) Gospel meetings
c) Study Materials-------------------------------------P 28,000 [$582.12]

Please help me to pray,

Rosalito F. Nardo

[Editor's note: Notice the switch from American Dollars to Filipino Pesos. The current exchange rate on 4/3/2007 is 1 dollar to 48.18 pesos. Conversion shown in red was added. Nardo is claiming to have $1,143.46 in monthly living expenses, but is somehow managing to live on $350.]
[Editor's note: Hamilton's response is found here.]