Corruption in the Philippines
From: Rosalito Nardo
To: Glenn E. Hamilton
Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2007 8:47 PM
Subject: Re: Corrupt preachers

Dear Glenn Hamilton,

I forgot to answer your questions regarding those corrupt preacher. One (1) of the preacher who are recieving support and not working is Virgilio Vellanueva a preacher of Pob. Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat. I heard from brother Larry Galamay one of your student in Manila that you have no work nor go around to preach with dozens of preachers which you mentioned in your email to me that you really know the culture, nature work of the Filipino preachers because you are stayed for a whole day or most of the time to face in your computer after you teached classes. If you are recieving support from individuals or churches when you are in the Philippines and not working as big support you recieving, I think you are one of those corrupt preachers.

Imperial Beach stop my support May, 2005.

Rosalito F. Nardo

[Editor's Note: This was in response to Hamilton's note.]
[Editor's Note: Hamilton's response to the charges made can be found here.]