Corruption in the Philippines
From: Julie Divine A. Notarte
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2001 20:49:12 -0700
June 9, 2001

Dear bro. Kenn,

Bro. Arturo Bugcotan, preacher of ANDAGKIT CHURCH OF CHRIST, Andagkit, Calaisan, Kidapawan City (North Cotabato) came at home pleading for help for his son, Argeno who is suffering from severe pain in his right ear. He is suffering it for quite a long time already but even though we have pleaded for help to U.S.A. brethren we have not received any help from foreign. The Doctor will do surgery to the ear of the child but an amount of P30,000.00 or $600.00 is needed for the surgery. The child is already very thin because he is severely suffering it for several months already. He is always crying day and night. He is now ten years old. The child had not attended schooling since childhood because of this problem. Bro. Arturo Bugcotan was added to the CHURCH for about six years now and immediately preached the truth since I baptized him. He has not received any support from foreign and congregations here in the Philippines for his preaching but have help established several congregations. All of the congregations established are very much affected of the war that started on April, 2000. They could not help bro. Bugcotan at this time because they are also very hard up. Not only hundreds of them who are very sick but thousands of them are very sick & in hunger. Bro. Bugcotan is also suffering from heart desease and could hardly work now for their living. Please help him. Any amount will be greatly receive and properly use. A copy of Doctors prescription of medicines and medicines bought will be sent to any who can help financially. Again, please help him. You can put the name of the check at bro. Arturo Bugcotan's name but please send it in care of my address below. Letters in their place are not safe. There are thousands of fully armed men of Communists Party of the Philippines in their area. Your are in our prayers. Please pray for us too.

Your brother in Christ,

Julie D. A. Notarte
P. O. Box 232 8002
Digos City Philippines

[Editor's note: Ken Marrs posted this note plus a statement of support that can be read by clicking here.]