Corruption in the Philippines

Dear brother Bowers,
It is only this hour that our internet came back because it was under repair. I was also very busy attending thousands of our brethren who evacuated. About two to three hundred brethren had evacuated since September 2002, another about two hundred brethren who had evacuated since November 2002 and about three thousand five hundred brethren who had evacuated since the early days of January 2003.

Many brethren died while they were evacuated. It is not very well known because this happens not only in one place. Some of those brethren who evacuated are in Bukidnon Province, some are in the boundery of Davao City & Bukidnon, some are in the boundery of the province of Davao del Sur, some are in the province of Sultan Kudarat, province of Maguindanao, province of North Cotabato & province of North Davao.

Some are written in our News Papers in which I have some copies of it but some are not written in our News Papers. Every day there are evacuee brethren coming to my residence pleading for financial help & usually I also went to their place & visit them even though their place is very critical.

We have invited several brethren preachers to go with us to witness what really happened but most are afraid to go with us & most of those who go with us had gone with us only once except of less than ten preachers who always go with me to witness or visit where the most needy brethren are located.

We need your prayers for this very needy brethren. The names of those who died while they are in the evacuations will be included in my monthly report. I'm sorry, my monthly report is very much delayed because we are so very busy attending the most needy brethren & above all we are doing our very best to preach the Gospel to alien sinners because thousands of people interested to hear the truth and some of them died without hearing the truth because we have not gone to their place in which we are very sad to hear.

But I will do my very best this month to send my monthly report.

Please pray for us as we continue to pray for you.

Sincerely, your brother in Christ,
Julie Notarte
P. O. Box 232
8002 Digos City

[Editor's Note: The numbers claimed in this letter has been disputed by another Filipino preacher.]