Corruption in the Philippines
Subject: Wallace Little Now with Liberal Church
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 00:18:54 -0600

This post is being to my Filipino brethren and several Americans who have worked with faithful brethren in the Philippines. As you all know, Wallace Little has had a long history of involvement with our brethren in the Philippines. He has advanced error concerning the "One Covenant Doctrine" and other doctrinal errors, including false doctrine regarding "Fellowship." Some have urged brethren in the Philippines not to reject Wallace, but rather receive him as a faithful brother. However, the clear facts show that Wallace Little is not a faithful brother, but one whose error is obvious. In addition to his errors on the "One Covenant Doctrine" and other errors affirmed for several years, the bulletins of the Eastern Hills Church of Christ -- an institutional church in Marshall, Texas -- will demonstrate another apostate practice. Wallace Little has now placed membership with that liberal church. The January 3, 2010 bulletin of the Eastern Hills Church of Christ welcomes Wallace & Carla Little into their membership. What does the Eastern Hills Church of Christ stand for? The following points from their bulletins help one answer that question:
  • Their 12/06/09 bulletin and numerous others show the church's support of the Medina Children's Home, a church-funded benevolent institution. When Wallace Little works with a church in support of human institutions funded from the church treasury, he does not act as a faithful brother.
  • From the 11/29/09 bulletin: " In the kitchen, there are a number of dishes that have been returned. Please check to see if any belong to you. Those not picked up by December 6, they will be donated to Medina."
  • The December 2009 bulletins urge all to participate in various activities of the church including "Twix & Tween Game Night," "Winterfest," "Ladies Christmas Ornament Exchange," "Prime Timers Christmas Party, :Fruit Basket and Caroling" and "Uncle Noah's Ministry." This church's sponsoring of various social gospel programs is constantly evident in their bulletin.
  • The 12/06/09 bulletin has an article ("Regarding Christmas") that teaches it is "expedient" to incorporate religious aspects of celebrating Christmas in order to attract denominational people rather than turning them off if we opposed the religious celebration of Christmas as the birth of Christ. It is signed "Merry Christmas" by their preacher.
  • The front page of their 12/20/09 bulletin has Christmas decorations at top and bottom with a reprint of the lyrics from the Statler Brothers' song "Who Do You Think?" The song is about the birth of Jesus. Below the lyrics is a "Season's Greetings from the Staff" statement. Page 2 has another reference to the birth of Christ with Christmas decorations running down the page with a "Mission Ministry" letter.Page 3 has more Christmas decorations as well as an announcement for a "Blood Drive" organized by the church. When Wallace Little became a member of a church that promotes the religious observance of Christmas just like the denominations, he does not act as a faithful brother.
  • The church's website ( has a "Photo Album" with the collections of pictures of their church-sponsored suppers, recreation, costume parties and numerous other activities of this kind.
For anyone who would like the bulletins referred to above in pdf format, I have attached several to this post. Thank you for your consideration of these things.
Harry Osborne

[Editor's Note: Little's explanation can be found here.]