Corruption in the Philippines

From: roger salviejo []
Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 2:23 PM
Subject: Roger Salviejo reply to Hamilton rumor

Dear Glenn Hamilton,

I never sent you letter of threat, show me the letter you have mention many years, who is your witness? Brother Rodrigo Gayyed denied your statement, you are not a subject of killing cause there is no price for your head, you only use me to increase your support for your vacation in my country, you are not a gospel preacher a GOSSIP PREACHER, YOU HAVE NO WORK AS GOSPEL PREACHER BUT YOU GRABBING MEMBERS OF congregation any where you work, where your work in Baguio for six years none but grabb members from ymca congregation, your work in cagayan is to distroy the work of Bro.Rody Gumpad. You are only stay in the Philippines for TROUBLE, DIVIDING THE CHURCH, DISTROYING PREACHERS FOR OWN INTEREST,CREDIT GRABBER,GREEDY OF WORLDLY HONOR, LOVER OF MONEY, FOR YOU ARE NOW AGAIN ASKING AMOUNT FOR FENCE OF YOUR MANSION HOUSE.

My country not allowed devorce, likewise in multiple marriage. Do not read the book of Proverbs, the Author is poligamous you may stamble, Do not read the book of Psalms David is also an adulter; Do not read the book of Peter, he denied Christ three times, Do not read the book of Paul, He is a killer, do not read the life of Abraham,He has a four wives, do not read the history of Jacob, he has four wives. I envited you two times in Pangasinan for preaching but the hearer not understand your preaching, even those who attend your preaching in YMCA congregation does not understand you because you preach GOSSIP. Show me the example that a preacher of the Truth like Paul preach GOSSIP, none,but are like Himeno and Alejandro ( 1 Tim.1:20)I DELIVER YOU TO SATAN for you did great harm to me, for you to have a lesson.

I am a siner in the past, But I have repented it already for seventen years, but you always mention this in your GOSSIP PREACHING , BUT THE RESULT IN MY PART MANY BAPTISM IN LA TRINIDAD.THE THREE YEARS OLD CONGREGATION IS NOW SUPPORTING ME PARTIALLY, P4,500.00 monthly, what about you Glenn is there any congregation in the Philippines helping you as a result of your preaching? none of course, because you preach GOSSIP not Gospel. I CHALLENGE you to PREACH WITH OUT SUPPORT if you can envite other to worship with you. I appeal to all who support GLENN HAMILTON to double your support to him that he can USE TO DESTROY THE Phillippine work. I appeal to all faithfull christians in USA to help me to pray for the Repentance of Glenn Hamilton for he is now on HIS WAY TO HELL! HE CHEATED HIS SUPPORTERS, HE PRETEND TO BE A GOSPEL PREACHER, BUT NOT, HE IS A GOSSIP PREACHER. SHOW ME YOUR WORK BOTH IN BAGUIO AND CAGAYAN?

I invited you to come and destroyed me in La Trinidad your letter has been read before them.