Corruption in the Philippines
Subject: Fwd: pictures and report
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 01:06:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Edgar Samodal <>

Church of Christ
8920 Granville Pkwy
La Vista, NE 68128

Dear bro. Jeffrey Hamilton and brethren in Christ,

I open the website where you are posting my name and a certain Jonathan Sapitula which not known to me. This is some part of what your quiry;

Should I be suspicious of Filipino preachers soliciting support?
The Filipino preachers (Edgar Samodal and Jonathan Sapitula) gave me their names as ... Do you know anything about Edgar Samodal or Jonathan Sapitula?

You also wrote there;

I recently received the two attachments from preachers in the Philippines.
While surfing through the net I came across a post of yours "The Corruption of Money". Pretty scary! Before the brethren here decide to send a one-time amount of financial support I have been asked to do some investigating to determine whether or not the preachers are worthy.
I do not know Jim McDonald, Derek Chambers or Steve Wallace. (Not the Steve Wallace from Sunnyside, Washington, but a different preacher) Are they conservative preachers with a good reputation?
The Filipino preachers (Edgar Samodal and Jonathan Sapitula) gave me their names as references. Do you know anything about Edgar Samodal or Jonathan Sapitula? Both claim to be non-institutional. It is a coincidence that one writes about just having 19 baptisms as a result of a radio program and lectureship.
When I asked the other one if he knew him he said he'd heard of him but not met him. I told him about the 19 baptisms. Then, by coincidence, he writes and tells me that he just had 15! Maybe I'm overly suspicious, but it sure sounds odd to me.

I appreciate your effort in invistigating who are making corruption here in the Philippines, I also read some article from the web-site and it is very scary the scam of corruption happened. It is true that I am soliciting assistance support to some congregations or individual to assist the wide and hard work we are doing. But mostly I received no response. There are also responded but could not able to help at this time, but I am glad for their prayers, some also responded with one time help and all of those I received was reported to each of my supporters. If you want me to tell you how much support I regularly received monthly I will hesitate to inform you. Brethren I am against corruption for I know God will condemn those people done this shameful act.

Last June 16, 2007 we are conducting bible lecture in Mat-i, Naawan, Misamis Oriental. Most of those attended are our radio program listeners. After the lecture 19 souls obeyed the gospel and were baptized. This coming Saturday we will conduct the second gospel lecture for some of those attended the meeting there wanted to hear us again and urging their relatives and friend to attend and listen. Please pray for the success of this coming meeting and for our needs will be supplied God's willing. Attached here some pictures of the recent meeting in Mat-i, Naawan.

I hope this letter will help you know more about me, I am sorry that the name I gave for referal is not known to you, but I think you know bro. Connie Adams in I oftenly wrote and report to him, and he also know more about me. I attached here my quarter report to him;


To.bro. Connie and sis. Bobby Adams
Louiseville.Kentucky 40291-0346

Name of congregation: ILIGAN CITY CHURCH OF CHRIST

Average attendance during this quarter: Above 50

Preaching Schedules: Scheduled Home Bible Studies and Daily Radio Program

Number of Members: Above 60

Total contribution in this quarter: P9,875.00Php.---$219.44

Number Baptized This Quarter: 10 precious souls

Number restored: none

Number moved in: none

Number moved out: more than 30 transfered to dodiongan Church of Christ and some gone abroad seeking job opportunity.

Items and Interest this Quarter;


March 6,2007- we are invited by our radio listebers in Luga-it,Misamis Oriental to conduct gospel meeting there, more than 30 attended and result to baptized 3 precious souls last March 11,2007. They are; Bro.Nilo A. Nunez,bro.Emer Sortones and bro.Antonio Lagrada.

March 17,2007-After the construction of our new meeting house in Dodiongan Mandulog Church of Christ we conducted our 3rd gospel meeting there,the brethren were edified,many prospects and visitors attended and resulted to baptized 2 precious souls,they are sis.Boging Datoon and sis. Emma Bari.

March 25,2007- After several session of home bible studies and regular listening to our radio program and attending worship services 4 precious souls were baptized in Naawan,Misamis Oriental.They are Sis.Mercidez Katipunan, Bro.Erano Katipunan,bro.Lorito Damloan and bro.Francisco Damloan.

April 5and 6,2007-I and my father invited by bro.Jhun CArpentero to spek in goepel meeting he conducted in cagayan de Oro city.The meeting was successful that resulted to baptized 2 precious souls.

April 9,2007- We have bible study in the house of bro. Pat Perigreno in behalf of his family that resulted to baptized his niece, sis.Celia Octo.

April 17-19,07- I am invited to speak in a gospel meeting conducted by bro.Samuel Malugao in Molave Church of Christ. The meeting was successful, the brethren edified and one soul obeyed the gospel and was baptized.

April 25-27,07- I was invited to speak in the gospel meeting in Songcoya, Diplahan Zamboanga,Sibugay.The meeting was successful, more than 150 attendances and 6 precious soulswere baptized after the meeting.

May 30-June 02,07 Preaching Visit of bro. Jim Mc Donald

May 30,07--------We fetch bro.Jim in Cagayan de Oro Domestic Airport then proceed to Pagadian Pagadian city. I'm glad to help and done the driving of this travel used the car of my sister that she gave to my father.

May 30,07--------Pagadian city 8 pm, bro Jim invited to deliver a message in Santo Nino Hilltop Church of Christ in their midweek meeting.

May 31,07--------Salira Church of Christ Pagadian city,in the congregation where bro.Ramon Carino preaches,one day meeting and bro. Jim Mc Donald is the speaker.

June 1,07--------We headed to Margosatubig,ZAmboanga del Sur Church of Christ,this the place that the scheduled discussion between Wallace Little and bro.Jim Mc Donald cancelled by bro.Little for some reason he made. But even the discussion was already cancelled bro.Jim fulfilled his promise to came to Margosatubig to edify the brethren and crashed the false doctrine propagated
by Puterbaugh and Little about one covenant theory and false doctrine about MDR. I am glad to assist bro. Jim in his effort as an interpreter and summarizer
of the lesson he taught.

June 2,07----We travel back to Cagayan de Oro and assisted bro.Jim until the airport and he proceed his preaching journey bound to Manila.We are thankful
for courage and patience of bro. Jim Mc Donald and his zealous in preaching the gospel. I also appreciate a lot for the American brethren who assisted him
in his travel. I rejoice for the sacrifices of bro.Jim and to all who supported him
that the word of God will be preach anywhere to saved the lost and to strengthen the work. May God keep us all in His service for many years to come.


1.Gospel Meeting-----------Naawan Misamis Oriental
2.Gospel Meeting-----------Ladi,Digkilaan Iligan city(re-scheduled,financial
budget shortage)
3.Gospel Meeting-----------Brgy.Mandulog, SDA members


Our radio works continue doing good, this is a daily one hour radio program so most of our prospects are our radio listeners. Every now and then we received invitations for bible studies not only in Iligan city but also in the province and out of town. I have started printing posters to be posted in any public places informed people in entire Iligan and provinces the schedule,title,contact numbers and radio stations where our radio program on aired. We already started this effort and as I observed it is effective for our radio listeners and inquirer are increasing.



1.Continue Full-time work,gospel meetings,bible studies in surrounding areas.

2.Visitation and edification

3.Establishing local churches (in Naawan hopefully this month after the meeting there)
4.continue assist the newly opened work.

5.Reprinting more tracts to be distributed during the meetings,house to house preaching and also encourage the brethren to distribute the tracts to their friends,neighbors and relatives.

6.Printing replictorized stickers to be pasted in passenger jeepnies,Taxe cab,passenger motorized tricycles and buses.The sticker contains the name of the church,address,contact number and some short info about our faith in Christ. It will help people to familiarized the name of the church and help them to find the church location. The driver will not hesitate to accept the stickers for it is double purpose,to us it will help that the church will be familiarized by the people, to the drivers it will serve as an indicators and early warning device during at night for it is replictorized.

7.Encourage brethren in prospecting effort.


I'm sorry for so late of sending this report,but it is just a summary of my report to you for all the time as I have opportunity I keep contacting you. As of now the work in Rogongon Church and Dodiongan Church of Christ was left on the preachers there, but alternately I visited this 2 new local churches every Sunday and every now and then I continue to visits the brethren there specially we have our scheduled home bible studies every week.

In Christ Our Lord and Savior,

Edgar (Jehu) Samodal