Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: This was received by the editor out of the blue. I assume it is part of a mass mailing. It reads almost like a soap opera.]

From: "Toto samson" <>
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2003 7:14 PM
Subject: Prison

Dear brother

Christian Greeting from the Philippines.I am brother Toto M.Samson-preacher of Laguimit Church of christ.

Brethren in Christ,i am writing you this letter to inform you of the problems encountered by my father in-law who is at present in prison.

On January 19,2001,a massacre happened in Malungon involving the family of Mr:William Garsilva that took three killed and wounded one.That time when the incident happened my father in-law was in his house partitaking dinner.After the firing,the barangay chairman came to the house of my father in-law who is a member of the civilian Volunters Organization{CVO},and who immediately armed himself with carbine,rode in the multicab with barangay chairman.When they arrived at the area,the wife of the dead man immediately pointed to one of the CVO's and said he is one of those who massacred the family.Right there and then the said CVO was this armed and taken to the police station.They did not do anything against my father in-law but in the following morning he was taken and imprisoned along with his three CVO colleagues who were assigned in the place.

On January 20,2001 i visited him in prison and i saw my father in-law inside the cell,I asked him what happened that you are imprisoned.He anwshered,they were just being investigated.I was just wondering why after five months they were still in prison and the investigation is not yet finished,until after one year and the situation is still the same.They were transferred to the provincial jail.What i did was to consult the public attorny to depend my father in-law.But sad to say that after two years my father in-law has not been set free from prison.What is most painful is in the two years of his imprisonment no hearing ever took place.During that two years i spent P40.000.00 with no result.

On the month of Febuary 2003,I again went to a lawyer,but now i consulted a private lawyer,Atty.Ely Vencer.He is a well-known lawyer here in General Santos City,and he is adviced me on what to do.I asked him how much is my obligation to him and he told me:P10.000.00 pesos as acceptance fee,P30.000.00 pesos as attorney's fee,and P1,500.00 for every hearing.

This became a problem to my wife who is crying almost every night.on March 2003 {my wife}she had fainted three times.Consulting a doctor,he informed us that my wife has a heart illness because of her depression of her father's situation.My wife is the child of my father mother in-law she has no siblings and that is why we are the only ones who can carry on and fight on behalf of my father in law.

My beloved brethren in christ,I imparted this to all of you so that you may give me advice and help in the solution of this problem that my wife and i are facing.We alone cannot solved this problem,and i have no one to turn to except to you.I am hoping that this will be solve at the soonest possible time.The Police,Barangay Chairman,almost all in the sitio/place will testify that my father in-law has no involvement with the massacre.The criminals who did the massacre are the bandits sell Marijuana until they were not paid by the one who purchased it on credit.Thus,they were massacred.

The status of the case at present:atty.Vencer filed a motion for re-investigation.In fact,they have heard the case twice now.

Thank you so much for reading and giving attention to my letter.we will await your reply and advice.God Bless you all.

Your's in God Kingdom,
Toto M.Samson

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