Corruption in the Philippines

139 Buligay Street
Brooke's Point, Palawan-5305
Republic of the Philippines

Mr. Charles G. Fry
2312 Delbert Street
Bakersfield, Ca-93312

Dear brother Fry,

In behalf of Magdalena Sapitula, my wife and our sister in Christ, I am humbly appealing to you for some financial assistance due to the illness she is suffering this present time. This is true when last August 14 at about the hour of 11:00 P.M. she was suddenly attacked with constant vomiting and at the same time the continuous removal / released of her waste that lasted to 4 hours. In our house to the area where she was badly stricken with said ailment like severe headache, we have no first aid to use but herbal medicines until she was rushed to the Brooke's Point District Hospital, Brooke's Point, with Dr. Jose Ferrer Basceste, the attending private surgeon as shown to this Certification that has been enclosed to this letter for your appropriate guidance and information. She was confined to said Hospital, August 15, 1996 and was released from said hospital, August 22, 1996. She suffered an accute urinary tract infection and hypertension as of today. She needs continuous medication/treatment according to her physician. She also has partial recent memory loss up to now. Yes, she don't know what she is talking about and not knowing whom she was talking or conversing with her.

Brother Charles, my wife has been safe but not very well because she is stil under treatment. With this problem left behind was the money I have borrowed from private person that was being used and spent for my wife's hospitalization bill, medical bill and also for the Physician bill and other related expenses. Before I brought my wife to the Hospital, I have borrowed money from private person as being mentioned earlier to this letter with the amount of $500 with interest payable within 75 days beginning August 14, 1996. So if certain and possible that you can help me solved this problem by sending to me the said amount any time so that I can be free from debt. I have nothing to worry about said obligation, if only lucky receiving monthly financial assistance from the US brethren but still unfortunate that I have no support yet to enjoy. So I am pinning to your shoulder my hope not to let me befall down to any terrible hardship of life like this present time but uplift me as your brother in Christ also.

Hoping and waiting to your favorable consideration about my request that I will be exempted from debt as I have told you so. May God will richly bless you and direct you to your decision for Christ's sake.

Your brother in Christ,

[Signed: George D. Sapitula]


Least I forget, if God willing, we may see each other in Manila because according to you that you will be coming to the Philippines with brother Jay by the coming of October due to lacked of material time. You may give your help for my wife to me just in case, I will be there at Manila that time. Thank you brother Fry. Looking forward of seeing to each other that coming month, but I don't have your tentative schedule yet up to this time. I hope it was on the way for me now.