Corruption in the Philippines
Subject: Name
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 13:19:40 -0700

Dear brother Dean,

I got your post and the attach 3 letters. I am not surprised by that because I also open and read some in the PISTOS. I will give my respond to that issue, I will not cover-up my father, because there was none to cover to him. American brethren must be very careful upon receiving news from Filipinos, because there was many unfaithful workers, they want to destroy one inorder to better themselves.

The house built by my father. They judged my father to this issue without knowing the truth. Yes, I believed that George, made several appeals for help for brethren and I believed that he also destributed the funds for the needy saints. I also knew, that one sister from Kentucky(a very old woman sister in Christ), who gave him money to have that house. It is not came from benevolent assistance from the U.S. brethren, but it is from a sister who gave him that house.

T.V. Connection. This allegation is wrong, I didn't remember that my father get connected to any Television net work. As I knew, that time he bought the services of local PALECO (Electric Company) to have light connection to his house. This is not from benevolent assistance, I believed he has partial support that time and also part time working in the farm. My question is how they get this wrong information and published it? It is simply destroying one to better themselves.

Fred Agbisit-There was a great problem among the brethren in Palawan, due to receiving different preachers from America, we are not in fellowship now to the group of Fred Agbisit and other former brethren, They were converted by the No Classes Divided, the Baagins, received the One Cup doctrine and the other received the One Covenant Doctrine. These people were trying to destroy us because we opposed to their evil works and making issues against my father. Please be careful to that, this is the real issue.

Magdalena is my mother, she was already died due to her sickness once my father appealed for. I am sad that they judged my father with publicity without investigating him. Thank you so much for giving this information and its up to you if you believed these issues against George. Once again, I am not covering my father to that issue because I have nothing to cover. May God bless you all.

Jonathan Sapitula

[See second letter sent immediately after this one.]