Corruption in the Philippines

Subject: Name
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 13:20:40 -0700

Dear Brother Dean,
Here is that Anonimous letter sender say-I copied. He pictured it as nice house, it seems that it worth million, but the truth it was only more or less thounsand dollors: 20 pcs. G.I. sheets its roof, about a thousand pcs of hallow blocks, no finishing and no paint, the floor area is only 12feetX20feet.


Somebody else was asking about Jonathan Sapitula recently . . . Oh, yes, it was David Tant. He had received unsolicited e-mail from him asking for support. George Sapitula (I believe Jonathan's father, but can't recall for sure) had a very bad reputation among the brethren in his community. Apparently George used some benevolence to build a nice home and get cable TV (an impressive feat in a remote village on Palawan). Some brethren pointed out his house when I was in that area. I never met George or Jonathan, and I would not condemn the son for the sins of the father.

This story goes like this, for example brother Dean, you built a house then some people passed by and because he has an ill feeling with you he told his fellows, ah that's house built by Mr. Dean came from benevolence....... Now, he said that certain brother pointed to him the house, how he proved that the house built by my father came from benevolence. If so, why he did not seek my father sinced he was here and told my father that it was wrong, Why he did not do it? Ask them to show their proofs. It is really hurting to hear like this.......I would not condemn the son for the sins of the father. It means George was guilty with out trial, judged by publicity. Where is the justice?

Brother Dean, I am sorry I was carry by my immotions.

Brother Dean, there were many preachers in Palawan, they say they are sound in doctrine, they are faithful to God. But doctrinally not, because many of them teaching all churches of Christ are the same. They will received any groups, they can fellowship to liberals, they can fellowship to One Cup, they can fellowship to No Divided Classes, and or One Eternal Covenant, because all churches of Christ are the same. We strongly opposed to their teaching and belief, then, they became our enemy, they have ill feeling with us and that they try to tear us down to better themselves. If they can not prove this, then they believed on fabricated allegations because only of ill feelings.


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